“Jihad” Jack confirms link between terror and Islam

Look out: the perpetually enraged  enraged  ummah of 1.5 gazillion  muselmaniacs  will come charging out to tell good ol’ Jack that he’s got his religion all wrong, right?

“Jihad” Jack confirms link between terror and Islam

Andrew Bolt


“Jihad” Jack Thomas in May claimed jihadist terrorists had nothing to do with Islam: 

In a wide-ranging interview about his controversial life, from meeting Osama bin Laden on Afghanistan’s front lines … to prison banter with the late gangland boss Carl Williams, Thomas … said terrorism was “totally against every core value, every bone in my body, to ever hurt innocent people”. ..

“In order for us to stop the attacks I believe we need to tell the truth about Islam and Jihad and that it is free from any of these criminal acts, starting from the (Munich) Olympics in ‘72.’’

Thomas said politically or religiously motivated terrorism that targeted civilians was a crime.

“Absolutely, definitely, they have nothing to do with Islam…”

Of course, even then there was a caveat wide enough to drive a truck-bomb through:

When I say there is no terrorism in Islam I want to make one correction – the same so called inalienable right that the (United) States say they have, Islam had that long before them, and that is shock and awe, to terrorise those who would do people harm, the oppressors, the unjust, that is the fear that jihad should put in their hearts, they should be terrorised, criminals, tyrants, people who are willing to usurp other peoples’ rights.

This morning on ABC radio Thomas announced he’d gone to Afghanistan in 2001 after the Taliban asked for “teachers, nurses and doctors”.

That was too much even for host Jon Faine…

Faine: “You took up arms to go over there and fight.

Thomas: As part of my religion, yes.

Just so we know.

And who did Thomas fight for, thinking this was commanded by Islam? From the BBC, usually very slow to damn:

A predominantly Pashtun movement, the Taliban came to prominence in Afghanistan in the autumn of 1994… In both countries they introduced or supported Islamic punishments – such as public executions of convicted murderers and adulterers and amputations of those found guilty of theft. Men were required to grow beards and women had to wear the all-covering burka.

The Taliban banned television, music and cinema and disapproved of girls aged 10 and over from going to school…

They were accused of various human rights and cultural abuses. One notorious example was in 2001, when the Taliban went ahead with the destruction of the famous Bamiyan Buddha statues in central Afghanistan…

The attention of the world was drawn to the Taliban in Afghanistan following the attacks on the World Trade Centre in September 2001… The Taliban in Afghanistan were accused of providing a sanctuary to Osama Bin Laden and the al-Qaeda movement …

More on the Taliban, for whom Thomas volunteered out of religious duty:

In 2009, the Taliban in Pakistan barred girls from attending school… When teenager Malala Yousafzai won international attention for speaking out against the ban, the Islamic fundamentalists … shot her in the face as she rode the bus to school.

Caution – this video of the Taliban doing more of what its backers claim is God’s work is extremely graphic:


Thomas can thank Victoria’s Court of Appeal for being so very sympathetic.  So very, very sympathetic to legal nit-pickery.

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