Lars Hedegaard: Does Tommy Robinson need education from the people at Quilliam as to the true meaning of Islam?

The Education of Tommy and Kevin

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The Quilliam Foundation has been exuberant since its October 8 announcement that it had a hand in the conversion of former EDL leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll from street demonstrators to something approaching mainstream politicians.

One can only speculate what has motivated Robinson and Carroll to renounce their former organization and accuse it of being infiltrated by neo-Nazi thugs. If that is true, one would think that there would have been ways for the two charismatic leaders to cleanse the EDL and prevent undesirables from joining their street protests.

Also, if they were truly disgusted with the direction the EDL was moving, why didn’t they simply announce their resignation and concentrate on better things? Why did they choose to join forces with a Muslim organization? And why did Tommy Robinson declare that he would now seek instructions from the people at Quilliam as to the true meaning of Islam? Is he now admitting that he didn’t know what he was talking about when making all these speeches on the Islamic menace?

The fact that Quilliam had been in negotiation with the defectors long before their resignation is perhaps an indication of what may have taken place.


Quilliam was set up with help of the British government and has received public funding. The very government that has tried to wipe out the EDL by any means necessary – including arrests, jail sentences and the threat of financial ruin for its leaders and their families. It doesn’t take much ingenuity to imagine that Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll have received an offer they couldn’t refuse – particularly in view of the fact that they both have to stand trial by the end of the month.

The offer may have been something like this: A long prison sentence or resignation from the EDL and reeducation under the tutelage of the semi-governmental Quilliam Foundation.

So what do we know about Quilliam and its enigmatic guiding light, the British convert to Islam, W.H. Abdullah Quilliam, who set up the first mosque on British soil in the late nineteenth century?

Douglas Murray made this observation back in October 2009:

”The nature of QF and its funding arrangements ought to be a source of concern to all British taxpayers, no matter what their political or religious opinions, and finally be brought out in the open. … What is scandalous is that QF – set up to counter extremists such as their former colleagues in Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT) – has done nothing substantial to challenge HT in the UK or radicalisation on UK campuses, the things it was actually set up for.


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