Love Among Muslims: “We will kill you Shi’a men and rape your women”

Yep, and still the ‘SPIEGEL’ tells us its got nothing to do with Islam.

As news of the sex jihad continues to proliferate in Mideast media, and as the West continues to bury its head in the sand—here for example is Der Spiegel’s attempt to portray as “false” the “tales of rebels engaging in ‘sex jihad’ and massacring Christians”—it is instructive to note that even the practice of sex jihad has specific doctrinal validation in Islam (which should hardly be surprising considering that “adult breastfeeding” also has validation). More: Raymond Ibrahim: Islamic Doctrines Justify Sex Jihad (With Video)


Perhaps they were just hajjing around:

“When he said he was Shi’a, they called him Kafir (infidel) and attacked him,” said the woman, who did not want her name to be revealed, for safety concerns, until she leaves Saudi Arabia next week.–ALL THE FUN OF THE HAJJ  (Tim Blair)


I think we should mention it:

As NSW burns, ABC Local Radio raises money for Syria.

Pakistan: Police stop Ahmadis from performing Eid sacrifice on grounds that they were not Muslims

Yet in the West, Ahmadi spokesmen like the unctuous Harris Zafar and the preening Qasim Rashid carry water for the same Islamic supremacists who would cheerfully destroy their homes and places of worship if they were in Pakistan. Instead, Zafar and Rashid target those who stand up for the Ahmadis and decry their persecution, carrying water for their own oppressors.

“No ‘Qurbani’ for you: Police stop Ahmadis from ritual sacrificing in Lahore,” from the Express Tribune, October 17via Jihad Watch

Indonesia: Savage beating of Ahmadis while policeman watching

Indonesia: Savage beating of people (ahmadis) by Muslims who feel Islam was insulted (extreme violence)
See also: Burned Alive (Crossmuslims)

Even in the UK:

Al-Shabab jihadists threaten to murder UK Muslims for criticizing them

Lets wait for “baroness” Warsi to straighten them out, shall we?

How do we know Assad is behind this? 

Syrian snipers ‘shooting pregnant women in the stomach to win cigarettes’

Main thing is that its got nothing to do with Islam and doesn’t tarnish the religion of 1.5 gazillion muselmaniacs. The Telegraph reports they only do it for ‘target practice’.

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  1. Let them neutralize each other and the rest of the world can continue on within the 21st century and be better place as the seventh century FINALLY dies out by it’s own hand.

    ….or Allah’s will. Ha!

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