Magdi Allam: Enough! Enough! Enough! Enough!

Help them, but help them within their own countries.

Hugh Fitzgerald:

For there is no end to the numbers of those who would, if they could, come to the West illegally, and in so doing, do nothing to help those left behind, but make the peoples of the Western world far more anxious, depressed, unable to cope. There is no god-given right to enter the countries, the civilizations, of others, by those whose differences are insuperable, and even the task of pretending that they are not, and trying to integrate those who manage to be smuggled in, are a gigantic expense, and do great damage to the educational systems, the health systems, the everything, all over the breast-beating Western world. It’s idiotic, because if such immigrants are allowed in, they will simply pull down the level of the countries they enter and, they will signal to others, to tens or hundreds of millions of others, that they can and should follow. It’s got to stop; the ships and boats that bring them have to be stopped just as they leave their points of departure. And all such immigrants should be shipped back, whether they were on boats that arrived safely, or whether they are among just a few survivors of boats that did not make it. The latter are not to be allowed in any more than the former. There should be no distinction.

That’s my clear thinking. And yours, if I read you — and you read me — right.

Now here’s the clear thinking Magdi Allam:

Would-be immigrants arrive on a boat in

Enough! Enough! Enough! Enough!

Magdi Allam: Why Should Italians Be Ashamed Of Claiming That Italy Belongs To Them?

Magdi Cristiano Allam

This is a Google translation from Italian. If some of our readers are up to correcting the obvious flaws it is much appreciated here, please give it a go!

Just witness the deaths of tens of thousands of people in a desperate attempt to enter illegally in Italy ! Just watch the human trafficking perpetrated by organized crime which derive profit on their skin ! Just witness the flagrant violation of our laws in the name of doing good and juridical relativism that undermines the rule of law ! Enough with the self- flagellation, enough with shouldering all the blame and absolving others of any responsibility !


Other than being ashamed we Italians have done too much. Why should we retrieve them not only in international waters but even in foreign territorial waters?  Why must we help them when they are at the brink of death and send out our naval vessels and civilian, public and private , in a solidarity absolutely free that goes beyond any prescription covered by international treaties .


Schulz wants more Africans, to replace ageing Euro-dhimmies faster:

EU Parliament President Martin Schulz (small photo) has called for more extensive aid to refugees on their way to Europe (ie Germany social security office). It is suspected that the boat disaster off Lampedusa helps  to realise his demands …..[more from PI]

Other than eliminating the crime of illegal immigration  we Italians are getting to the point of denying the evidence of clandestine self- censorship,  outlawing the same word illegal , to the point of not criminalising illegal immigration but who correctly represents the reality denouncing the underground ! To legitimize our intervention we get to the point of closing both eyes to the fact that it is a criminal activity that pays more than the drug trade and should be confronted and persecuted with the utmost rigor . To prepare ourselves positively towards them shamelessly denies the fact that those who get on tramp steamers , like it or not, are jointly responsible for the crime of illegal entry into our border with the aggravating circumstance that each of them pays an estimated one thousand dollars.

It ‘ s time to say once and for all “Enough” ! Enough with the legitimacy of the underground ! The international community , starting with the United Nations who preach morality and the sanctity of life immorality scratching the squandering of resources to save lives , to intervene decisively to thwart the criminal activity of human trafficking . We must prevent at all costs that go on tramp steamers ! The European Union , including Italy, invests to promote decent living conditions in countries of origin of immigrants so that they are  not forced to abandon their land , their affections and their civilization.

Enough with the ideology of globalism that , on the one hand , breaks down the borders and the same nation state and, secondly, legitimizes the arbitrary and uncontrolled migration of millions of people in Italy and in Europe , we would never , ever welcome ! We reaffirm by word of mouth and proudly that Italy is the common home of the Italians, that Italy is not a no man’s land , and that Italians do not want to turn into a land of conquest.

Enough with the ideology dell’immigrazionismo doing good and that lead us to imagine that immigrants , even illegal immigrants , are good regardless of the consequences they have on our lives ! We Italians, we got to the point that  their interests precedes outs, even if based on a will, with respect to our legitimate interest .

Enough with the inaction of the Italian State from responsibility that is self – fulfilling and self – invoking the intervention of the European Union , a political ghost submissive to the powers globalized financial , good only to condemn to death our businesses and to reduce poverty in Italians .

To all those who claim to care about the lives of immigrants, address the appeal to really help put an end to these terrible tragedies taking the courage to say the truth , the determination to safeguard our legitimate national interest , willingness to help fraternally those most in need in their home. Only in this way we will be credible , honest, serious and responsible when we promise : “No more deaths in our seas ” !