NYT gushes over mad mullahs, slams Israel….

The always wrong on everything  New York Times editorial on the subject once again revealed the editors’ consistently negative stance toward the Jewish state and its leader:


The Israeli leader’s speech was labeled “aggressive,” “combative,” and “sarcastic.” Netanyahu, they wrote, “seems eager for a fight.”– (EoZ)

New York Times Indicts Israeli Leader For Speech Exposing Iran

The editorial warned the Israeli leader “and his supporters in Congress” that being “blinded by excessive distrust,” “exaggerat[ing] the threat” posed by Iran, trying to “block President Obama” and “sabotag[ing] the best chance to establish a new relationship” with Iran “could be disastrous.”

netanyahu-tells-obama-israel-reserves-the-right-to-defend-itself-march-5-2012Yaakov Lappin writes that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s United Nations speech can be viewed as a final warning to the world and to Iran on Iran’s nuclear program.

The speech given by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the United Nations last week, in which he warned that Israel would act alone against Iran if it needed to, is an authentic warning, and serves a dual purpose. (Carl in J’lem)

Reality Check:

Meanwhile, back in Egypt:

Egyptian media celebrating 1973 “victory” over “the Jews.” Not Israel – “the Jews.”

Today is the 40th anniversary of Egypt’s surprise attack on Yom Kippur, 1973, and Egypt is celebrating.

But if you look at Egyptian media in Arabic, very often it says that this “victory” was over “the Jews” – not over Israel, or over Zionists.

Reality: Egypt POW’s, Israeli guards


The Jews obviously have more reason to celebrate, because the Arabs got their asses kicked once more….

Arab BS Propaganda:

On the grounds of the Panorama, Egyptian soldiers are depicted in a rubber dinghy, crossing the Suez Canal. (Thanks to Martin Kramer & Blazing Cat Fur)


They are dead because allah wanted them dead:

Muslim Brotherhood supporters march on Cairo; 51 dead

Making their case in their favored way: with blood. “Brotherhood supporters march on Cairo; 51 dead,” from Reuters, October 7 (thanks to JW):

CAIRO — Supporters of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi took to the streets of Cairo and other cities Sunday to call for the downfall of the army chief who ousted him, but were pushed back by riot police, security forces said.