Obama Dumps Green Energy Billions on “Moderate Muslim” Country that Stones Adulterers


Obama Dumps Green Energy Billions on “Moderate Muslim” Country that Stones Adulterers


When Obama invited the tyrannical Sultan of Brunei to sit beneath the portrait of George Washington, it’s a wonder the painting didn’t fall off the wall.

Obama laughingly said that the Sultan had gone through “nine presidents”, which is what happens when you don’t do elections and praised the “160 years of friendship between the United States and Brunei.”

Meanwhile Obama’s pivot to Asia consisted of dumping billions on “moderate” Muslim countries like genocidal Indonesia and tyrannical Brunei for… what else… Green Energy.



Tim Blair

Millionaire socialist Russell Brand, who believes that the planet is being destroyed, explains why he never votes:

“I am not that I am not voting out of apathy. I am not voting out of absolute indifference …”

Nice of him to clear that up. The former Mr Katy Perry, who ended his marriage via text, also claims that “profit is a filthy word” and “the Occupy movement made a difference.”


3 thoughts on “Obama Dumps Green Energy Billions on “Moderate Muslim” Country that Stones Adulterers”

  1. Hmm.

    There has never been a news article or a press conference where Russell Brand has renounced his wealth and redistributed his wealth to the needy.

    I guess profit is okay for someone like Brand as long as it goes to his pocket directly, but what about the companies he WANTS to work with that published his book or his videos so he could also make his money? Profit was not such a filthy word when he was trying to piggyback off these profit orientated companies to make money for himself.

    He was more than happy to accept that freebie of a suit from profit orientated Hugo Boss. And how many other profit orientated companies gave him freebies that he lapped up.

    Another Lefty hypocrite.

  2. Hill
    That’s exactly it, hypocrisy is the standard of the left. To look at things in a balanced and even handed fashion, to weigh up the pros and cons and give an insightful response is alien to these people. They’re so egocentric and very dangerous if given too much power.

  3. @Ironside,

    You are correct, these hypocrites are indeed a danger to the rest of us.

    Worst of all are…IMHO are the Communist luvies in the EU and woefully, now the Obama administration in the WH and his lapdog Nancy Pelosi.

    All of these rat bastards, grew up in the West, cosseted and protected from the tyranny of a (‘failed’) brutal, murdering, ideological system that they support. Bloody arm chair communist! They are a danger to the rest of us and their damned blind support of a failed ideology, whilst living a contrary life, I loath them.

    That is why Pelosi had no moral problem ordering a private jet for herself and her family at the tax payers expense. As an elite she is entitled to it and the same goes for the avaricious pigs in the EU, as elites they are entitled to the symbols of success and the gratuities offered to them within the EU. The same symbols of success that they would deny or take away from others. But it is clear, they see wealth and it’s signifiers as an entitled right of their own bureaucratic class.

    My recent favourite, was Christine Lagarde of the IMF, who has been showing up at meetings and lectures recently in a dress that costs several thousand pounds (she has the same dress in several different colours) and a handbag that’s values around £15,000 -100+k-and hers looks as if it’s around the 60k mark. I do not begrudge CL, these signifiers of wealth, I do however, find it in poor taste, hypocritical and condescending that she is lecturing other people on money whilst wearing these expensive items in a public forum on monetary prudence and aid. SMH.

    She certainly, could show up in more modest dress, but she doesn’t and won’t. Why should she? After all, as a high ranking government bureaucrat she IS entitled to the good life.

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