Obama Regime Tells Burmese Not To Defend Themselves When Muslims Riot

The U.S. regime and the UN, driven by the OIC, make consistent demands that citizenship be given to these Bangladeshi invaders, to give them a legal basis to wage jihad.


US: Syria, Egypt, Nigeria and Pakistan must do more to stop anti-Christian violence by Muslims — no, wait…

Actually, the Obama Administration, true to form, called on the Burmese to stop violence against Muslims — a cycle of violence that began when Muslims began attacking Buddhists. No violence against innocent people is justified anywhere; the Obama Administration has not been consistent in its indignation over it. “US: Burma Must Do More to Stop Anti-Muslim Violence,” from VOA News, October 2 (thanks to JW):

The United States is condemning a fresh round of deadly attacks against minority Muslims in western Burma and urging authorities to do more to address the long-standing sectarian tension there.The U.S. Embassy in Rangoon’s statement on Wednesday followed several days of violence that has killed at least five Muslims, including a 94-year-old woman, in Rakhine State.

Residents said several Buddhist mobs armed with sticks and knives went on a rampage in the town of Thandwe earlier this week, burning down homes and attacking Muslim-owned establishments.

President Thein Sein toured strife-torn areas of Rakhine and met with local leaders for a second day Wednesday. It was his first trip to the troubled state since a wave of anti-Muslim violence broke out in June 2012, killing dozens and displacing tens of thousands….

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  1. Fred Bastiat noted something like “We all have the natural right to self-defense; bad laws are those which try to deprive us of that right.”

    Liberals always insist only groups have rights, and so the only defense we need is the government; ergo, we must, in stead, all strive to learn to become better victims. It’s our civic duty! Whee!

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