Unfinished Business in the Balkans?

Slick Willie,  Godfather of  the Balkan jihad


Bill Clinton and Muhammad: Partners in Crime


Willie Clitman:

How I threw the Christian Serbs under the bus to court Islamic world opinion and enrich myself beyond my wildest dreams:

 I bombed the Christian Serbs to help the Mohammedan expansion project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

“French President François Mitterrand was more sympathetic to the Serbs than I was, and less willing to see a Muslim-led unified Bosnia. Some European leaders were not eager to have a Muslim state in the heart of the Balkans, fearing it might become a base for exporting extremism, a result that their neglect made more, not less, likely.”

Typical for the “caring and compassionate” Clinton who keeps telling us that poverty causes terrorism. It doesn’t.


Those European leaders were right. 

Finally, peace plan was agreed in November 1995. Clinton describes it as a plan that contained “bitter pills” for sides in war, necessary to end it.

“American leadership was decisive in pushing NATO to be more aggressive and in taking the final diplomatic initiative. Our efforts were immeasurably helped by Croatian and Bosnian military gains on the ground, and the brave and stubborn refusal of [Alija] Izetbegovic and his comrades to give up in the face of Bosnian Serb aggression.”

The “brave Izetbegovic” was of course a diehard jihadist and an Islamic supremacist of the worst kind: he was a bin Laden buddy and the leader of the Bosnian Jihad.

 Izetbegovic publicly stated that he needed the war to accomplish his objective of an Islamic Republic in Bosnia:

  • Alija Izetbegovic, the 1994 winner of the King Faisal Award and 2001 Figure of the Year in the Islamic World, spent most of his life dreaming of a Muslim-led independent Bosnia-Herzegovina. His U.S. supporters and admirers such as former President Clinton, Clinton’s Balkans envoy Richard Holbrooke, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Ambassador to Belgrade Warren Zimmermann, and various handmaidens in the media–characterized him as a devout Muslim but committed to a multi-ethnic and democratic Bosnia. They claimed that Serbs and Croats only painted him as an Islamic supremacist and that this was not the case. Izetbegovic’s two prison terms, his writings in Islamic Declaration (inspired by famous jihadist ideologue Sayyid Qutb’s  writings) and close relationships with the Islamists defeat that argument. Nonetheless, the petrodollars turned lies into the truth. (More)


Unfinished Business in the Balkans?

Why is the US-led West so intent on persecuting the Serbs in order to further Islamic designs in Europe?

Greg Davis here. Recent conferences in Washington, DC and Berkeley, CA sponsored by the Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies and the American Council for Kosovoaddressed rumblings that the current US administration may be hatching something in the Balkans. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has ominously referred to “the unfinished business in the Balkans,” and articles written by Richard Holbrooke and others indicate that Washington continues to see the Serbs – whether in Serbia or Republika Srpska – as an ongoing problem that needs to be conclusively dealt with. (Continued below the fold)

Needless to mention that Shrillary, who is in bed with Muslim Sisterhood operative Huma Abedin, was a driving force behind slick Willies love for Muslims:

“These matters are not up for discussion. The boundaries of an independent, sovereign Kosovo are clear and set.”


US policy in the Balkans since the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991 has amounted to an effort to make the region safe for jihad. As I pointed out in my conference paper,

To that end, during the Yugoslav civil wars of the 1990s, the US-led West a) encouraged the violent, as opposed to pacific, breakup of Yugoslavia; b) supported a hard-core Islamic supremacist, Alija Izetbegovic, president of Bosnia, in his efforts to build the first Islamic state in Europe; and c) supported diplomatically and militarily Muslim terrorists in Bosnia and Kosovo in their efforts to kill and ethnically cleanse Serb civilians. US-led Western policy continued in a similar vein during the Bush administration with the recognition of Kosovo, and, sadly, shows few signs of changing under the Obama administration.

The nettling question of course is why? Why is the US-led West so intent on persecuting the Serbs in order to further Islamic designs in Europe? It is this question that I address in my paper below. As the Obama administration tries the good-cop approach with Dar al Islam, a question is whether it will seem expedient to throw the Serbs under the bus once again. The 1995 Dayton Accords that ended the Bosnian civil war did little to resolve the underlying issues that caused the war in the first place. Bosnia, roughly half of which is composed by Republika Srpska, wobbles along as a compromise pseudo-state that satisfies neither the orthodox Muslims, who want a proper Islamic state, nor the Serbs, who, while doing better than the rest of the country, would probably just as soon leave and unite with Serbia. The place is tentatively held together under the aegis of the Office of the High Representative, the effective Western viceroy.

What fifteen years of US-led policy in the region has achieved is two failed states, Bosnia and Kosovo, both riddled with corruption, drug-running, and jihadist activity. As John Schindler has pointed out in his excellent book, Unholy Terror, the jihadist attacks on the West since 1992 – including 9/11 – are directly traceable to the Bosnian civil war and Western connivance with the international Muslim forces who poured into the region to fight the infidel Serbs.

A hope is that the Obama administration will have its hands too full with Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, the economy, etc., etc. to undertake any serious new mischief in the Balkans. But with Clinton, Holbrooke, et al. back in the saddle, we may be looking at another round of Western persecution of the Serbs, one of the few peoples to have actively resisted Islamic expansion in our time. This fact, I argue, is telling – and alarming. It indicates that there is a good deal of common cause between the West today and Islam – not because, a la Obama, Islam is “tolerant” or that Western national interests actually lie in appeasing Islamic expansion, but because the West has taken on the sorts of quasi-religious, expansionary attributes that have marked Islam and other imperialistic enterprises for centuries. This is not a comfortable fact, and I will be interested to read what Jihad Watchers have to say.

Imperial Democracyby Gregory M. Davis

The breakup of Yugoslavia and the de facto secession of Kosovo-Metohija from Serbia mark significant episodes in the post-Cold War struggle between three major world-historical forces: US-led globalization, jihad, and the old nation-state system. These three forces are the current expressions of the three civilizations that have competed for pre-eminence in the Balkan peninsula for a thousand years: the West, Islam, and the Orthodox East. The Orthodox nations of Eastern Europe, which still retain characteristics of “whole” societies based in common language, ethnicity, territory, and religion, remain one of the few genuinely conservative forces on the world stage. In simplified but meaningful terms, the Orthodox East has once again found itself squeezed in a vice between two imperialistic, violent ideologies, happy to wreck Balkan civilization for their own misguided self-interests.


Despite its Christian elements, the West has once again shown itself willing to undermine the Christian East even while strengthening Islam, the ancient enemy of both. To that end, during the Yugoslav civil wars of the 1990s, the US-led West a) encouraged the violent, (continue here)


The problem with Bosnian Muslims

Did the Jacksonville Bombing Attempt: Involve a Bosnian Muslim Refugee? 

Zeljiko Causevic,  alleged Jacsonville Airport

Bombing Suspect

This is an expanded version of a WatchDogWire article by Jerry Gordon and Randall McDaniels:” Bombing Attempt at Jacksonville International Airport: Terrorism or Immigration Problem?”

On Tuesday October 1, 2013, air trafiic at Jacksonville was halted for more than five hours and the airport evacuated. According to .Reuters it involved a 39 year old  US Citizen and Bosnian refugee,Zeljiko Causevic and a bizarre attempted bombing incident..

Here is what Reuters reported:c,

Zeljko Causevic, 39, of Jacksonville, walked up to a Transportation Security Administration agent on Tuesday evening, pointed to his camouflage backpack and said, “I got a bomb in here,” the arrest report said.

He carried a luggage scale, batteries and cell phone in the backpack and had a remote-control device that he referred to as a “detonator,” the report said.

Causevic then told the agent it was “supposed to be a bomb, but it’s not.”

The airport was evacuated while a bomb squad checked out his backpack and examined a second suspicious package that was found in a parking lot and determined to be harmless.

Causevic was jailed on charges of making a false report about a bomb and the manufacture or possession of a hoax bomb. He is U.S. citizen born in Bosnia Herzegovina and employed by the Swift Trucking Co., his arrest report said. He has lived in Jacksonville for 15 years, it said.

Causevic appeared before Circuit Judge Russell Healey in a Jacksonville courtroom on Wednesday. He wore a rumpled green jail uniform and stood with his hands cuffed in front of him, his legs shackled and his head down.

Causevic is likely a member of the Jacksonville, Florida Bosnian Muslim community. If confirmed, There is a Sunni Muslim community of Bosniaks in Jacksonville directed by Ejub Zejnic. This is the latest example of problematic Bosnian refugee immigration matters and possible terrorist actions in the US. Bosnian extremist Sami Osmakac, attempted a bombing in Tampa, Florida in January 2012

In July, 2013, Edin Sakoc,a Bosnian Muslim was indicted in a Vermont federal court for lying about war crimes committed in Bosnia during the 1990’s when he applied for immigration to the US.

Note this Voice of America report:

Federal prosecutors have charged a Bosnian Muslim with lying to U.S. immigration officials about involvement in war crimes.

Edin Sakoc pleaded not guilty Friday during a brief court appearance in Burlington, Vermont, in the northeastern U.S. The judge ordered him to surrender his passport.

U.S. authorities allege Sakoc took part in the murders of two elderly Bosnian Serb women and burned down their house during the Bosnian civil war in July, 1992. He also allegedly raped the Bosnian Serb woman who was caring for the two.

Authorities say Sakoc hid this information when he sought U.S. citizenship.

If convicted of lying to immigration officials, Sakoc faces up to 10 years in prison, a large fine, and his U.S. citizenship would be revoked.

According to a report by  Baylor University ”virtually [allof the 200,000 Bosnian refugees who immigrated to the United States] are Muslim”. There are large communities scattered across the US as a result of the Gateway cities initiative of the Clinton Administration administered by the State Department and Dpartment of health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement.. Notewrothy among them is St. Louis with 50,000 Bosnian Muslims. Refugee processing is done by a host of Voluntary Agencies who screen them who eligibility for welfare and other benefits.

These Bosnian  Muslims have personally experienced a literal clash of civilizations during the recent religiously motivated wars between Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia. It would be reasonable to assume they would have a higher propensity toward a more radical strain of Islam and violence.

The United States in an effort to make up for what some considered an unfair immigration policy for decades in relation to countries of the Middle East and other state sponsors of terror, were ultimately successful in changing immigration policy in an effort to right this perceived wrong.

Right or wrong, these experiments in social justice over national security are have not fared well for the American people who have seen the emergence of a new phenomeno  home grown terrorism by individuals who almost without exception embrace the Islamic faith.

Islamist refugees are in increasing numbers joining foreign and domestic Jihadist groups.  Federal officials in charge with the national security interests of America should be able to connect the dots and work to reverse this trend by securing our borders and changing our immigration policy.

Given results of investigations by  Congress  a review of our humanitarian refugee immigration policy should be a priority  in view ofr these and recent examples of terrorism committed by refugees in Florida and Massachusetts.



Bosnian Muslim Waffen SS Troops                                       Grand Mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini

Reading Pamphlet “Islam and Judaism”                            Greeting Bosnian Muslim Waffen SS

Hanschar (Dagger) Division troops

There is a troubling heritage of Bosnian Muslim Waffen SS units during WWIi in anti-Partisan actions and participation in the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Jews, Gysies and Serbs in Croatian death camps.  That heritage was evident in the Jihadi regiments of foreign fighters from across the Muslim ummah who fought in Bosnia during the 1990’s with training from both the Iranian Reveolutioinary Guards and funding from the Saudis in suppoert of the US-backed regime headed by Alija Izetbegovic, the Islamist President of the Republic of Bosnia Herzegoviina.

During WWII a Bosnian Muslim Nazi Waffen SS 13th Mountain Handschar (Dagger) Division was sponsored by Hitler’s house guest, the infamous Grand Mufti of Jerusalem the Haj Amin al Husseini. They were involved in  anti-Partisan operations in former Yugoslavia and  the massacres of more than 700,000 Jews, Gypsies  and Serbs at the infamous Jadovno and Jasenovac  death camps camps in Croatia during the Nazi occupation. (See our Iconoclast  review of The Death Camps of Croatia, by Raphael Israeli).

The US-backed Bosnian leader during the conflict in the 1990’s,  the late President of  the Republic of Bosnia Herzegovina Mr. Alija Izetbegovic, was a WWII recruiter for the Nazi Waffen SS 13th Mountain Handzar (Dagger) division. Note this from a 2003 Emperor’s New Clothes article::

He even set up an army division, commanded by Islamic terrorists from Albania, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Arab countries, and called it Handzar. According to a 2002 Dutch report, the US sponsored the Islamic terror specialists who traveled to Bosnia to train and indoctrinate Izetbegovic’s troops.
We will see what develops in the cases of  Mr. Causevic and  those of .Sami Osmakac  and  Edin Sakoc.  They are illusrative of the faulty vetting process of our refugee programs . It will be interesting to see if evidence emerges  that  confirm a growing trend of Islamic “extremist”   among  long term refugees who have grievances with America nurtured by   Islamic jihadism and sharia rejection of our laws.

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