OUTLAW ISLAM? …we may have no choice

OUTLAW ISLAM? …we may have no choice


Freedom of religion and separation of Church and State is a pillar of Western constitutions. Christianity has certainly treated that privilege with scant respect but Islam uses this Western privilege as a Trojan horse to infiltrate us, dominate us and destroy us.

Christian minorities in Islamic countries have their churches razed to the ground, families murdered and decapitated without penalty.

Yet Islamic minorities in Christian countries are free to go about their business of subjugating, then obliterating, their politically correct hosts. Something’s amiss.

France and the UK are now experiencing the horrific outcomes of multiculturalism and how it is debasing and destroying their own cultures.

Of course it is politically incorrect to suggest that Islam is at the root cause of this mayhem but it most certainly is.

Christianity promotes good principals and teachings. I disagree strongly with its inane doctrines and practices but not strongly enough to spray Christian schoolchildren with a hail of bullets.

Zealots of Islam target whatever gains them the most publicity; iconic buildings, subways, schools, funerals and now shopping malls, while we do nothing but sit and wait for the next atrocity.

Northern Europe has noticed the passive approach does not work. They are fighting back. France has banned the offensive burkha.

Japan has never allowed Islam a foothold and we too need to get serious before it’s too late.

The demonic Islamic cult knows no boundaries. It will resort to the most Barbaric of acts to further its cause. It rapes and genitally mutilates little girls (pictured). We know that, we see that, some of us experience that but our good nature tolerates it. So they continue.

If sensible measures aren’t taken soon, within a decade it will be necessary to ban the murderous cult entirely.

Mosques will be converted to council atriums and mullahs who promote violence will be deported. Islamic nationals will be told to either denounce Islam and adopt an acceptable religion or leave.

To put it bluntly Islam is opposed to all we hold dear. It determines that everyone is born Islam. Not just them, all of us! It is not a matter of mere victory over the infidel it is a matter of the complete annihilation of the disbeliever. This is their teaching, this is their belief.

There can never be treaties or pacts, rapprochement or détente with Islam.

If you do not convert and adhere to Islam and pray for forgiveness for straying, you must be beheaded in the name of Allah.
That is the teaching of the Koran.

There can be no compromise, ever! There can be no reconciliation. Either we rid ourselves of them or we will need to suffer their atrocities until we no longer exist. Only a fool believes otherwise.

Only now have we and they realised the West can be economically crippled with little effort. While Obama grovels to the Sheiks the lying Saudis plot our demise. It is they who are the adherents of the despicable Sharia law. It is they who finance Al Queda. It is they who bore and supported Bin Laden.

In a mere 20 years oil will not be used as an economic weapon against the West. It will not be used to finance terrorism. We will have nicer, cleaner alternatives to oil.

The undeserving Arabs will no longer have the finances for their excesses. They will return to their mouldy beginnings, insignificant shadows of former power bases that should never have been.

But the damage Islam wreaks on our culture will live on, if we let it.

Al Queda is driven only by a passionate hatred of the West and is financed by oil-drunk Saudis and cosseted by Pakistanis who have blackmailed the treacherous Pakistani “government” into allowing them autonomous Sharia States.

President Obama throws them an olive branch. So now they giggle in their beards at such a show of unrestrained weakness. Now they know we are rattled.

President Obama should peruse that old copy of the Koran in his schoolbag. It clearly says why appeasement is a waste of time.

Funny how a pregnant mother and eight of her children were not wearing life jackets on that weekend tragedy, only the father was.

To an Islamist male, women and children are expendable…. we don’t see things that way.

We are different and we don’t covet what they have but they believe we should and, until we do embrace their way of life, we remain apostates and their Koran instructs them that apostates must be beheaded and have their fingers amputated.

Sooner or later we will need to confront this base cult instead of giving it a platform from which to attack us.

2 thoughts on “OUTLAW ISLAM? …we may have no choice”

  1. Go one further and outlaw/ban the Koran/Quran (although I am not in favor of banning books)


    because it promotes hate and the other things like inciting violence, insulting other religions, promoting religious enmity, disturbing public tranquility, promoting on ground of religion feelings of enmity

    If you ban the Koran you will outlaw Islam.

    Look at the behavior patterns the Quran inculcates in its votaries vis-à-vis the unbelievers.

    There is a need to to knock out Islam’s ideological fangs which are rooted in the Quran.

    Muslims wish to prevent every public discussion of their creed in general and of their prophet in particular, as a result of pressure exerted by vociferous, very often violent Muslim protests.

    What does the The Koran, also spelt as Quran do?

    It incites violence, disturbs public tranquility, promotes, on ground of religion, feelings of enmity, hatred and ill-will between different religious communities and insults other religions or religious beliefs of other communities.

    While the Koran abounds with saying which incite violence, insult the religious beliefs of other communities and even exhort the Muslims to kill and murder non-Muslims, the problem is aggravated by yet another fact which has been true in the past and is universally true in our own times that unlike other communities Muslims are, and even fresh converts tend to become, highly orthodox people and follow the sayings of the book with a fanatical zeal with the result that whichever country has their sizable number amongst its population can never have peace on its soil.

    The offending expressions contained in the Koran not so offensive in their translation in which they are so quoted as they are in the original verses in Arabic or in Urdu, the very sound of whose inimitable symphony not only sends the Muslims to tears and ecstasy but arouses in them the worst communal passions and religious fanaticism which have manifested themselves in murder, slaughter, loot, arson, rape and destruction or desecration of holy places in historical times as also in contemporary period not only in India but almost all over the world.


  2. Islam is a religion of war, and it takes fire to fight fire. We must go to the home countries and occupy and disarm them, then take the children away and raise them without Islam to break the cycle. Anything else is a half-measure that’s doomed to failure.

    Read my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam to show how it might be done:


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