The Oz Media’s Far Left Spin On Everything

I said it a hundred times and I’ll say it again:

The taxpayer funded ABC/SBS propaganda machine has to be dismantled. The leftist hacks have to be put out to pasture and several privatised networks have to be  established in its place. The Vitrioli brigades must have missed the memo that the horrid Labor regime has been voted out. Yet they cling to it like drunks hang on to a  toilet bowl to keep it from spinning….

Here’s the latest:

Abbott gets the cooperation from Indonesia his media critics dismissed

We were told – incorrectly – that Tony Abbott was too clumsy for diplomacy with Indonesia.

It shouldn’t be necessary to explain Abbott isn’t to blame for a sinking 50m from Indonesia’s shore

A socialist idiot suggests Tony Abbott may have let boat people drown, just as John Howard did (not). From Patrick O’Connor’s rant on the World Socialist Web Site on the sinking of a boat just 50m from the Indonesian shore.

The socialists who aid and abet the Mohammedan invasion of Australia are not only committing high treason, they are also voting for their own demise.

Can’t get over G-Lard:

From the way the ABC miscreants cling to “Australia’s First Female Prime Minister”  one could get the idea that we have another Evita in the making. I couldn’t watch it. G-Lard wasn’t up to it.  She should have never held the reigns of power. Her self-inflicted victimhood is pathetic. G-Lard was not only the worst PM that Oz has had, but the most classless too. A true nonentity.




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  1. but will the Liberals do it Sheik ?

    Being full of latte sippers…….

    Don’t hold your breath.

  2. # Just look at this:

    I wonder if that URL includes “fnglenug” for a reason, or if it is random?

    I might use it when I’m frustrated.


    Looks like it’s there for a reason – lots of their fnglenugs in Google.

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