Paris: anti-Morsi novelist forced to make a runner when MuBro operatives disrupt conference

France: Muslim Brotherhood supporters disrupt conference featuring anti-Morsi novelist, force him to flee

Muslim-brotherhood-support_wide-929b499d09c844058b2536f9327e1dfe84fc1874-s4-c85Muslim Brotherhood groups in the U.S. such as the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) operate in the same way, moving to shut down anyone and everyone who opposes them. Al-Aswany is a novelist and was speaking about literature, not about the Brotherhood, but the Brotherhood thugs didn’t care about that: he opposed them, and that was all that mattered. It is reminiscent of when the thuggish editor-in-chief of Reza Aslan’s Aslan Media a few months ago tried to get me canceled from a talk that had nothing to do with Islam — the goal of Brotherhood thugs is to destroy utterly every opponent of jihad terror and Islamic supremacism.

“Protesters mar Egyptian author’s France appearance,” by Sarah El Deeb and Jamey Keaten for the Associated Press, October 18: (JW)

PARIS (AP) — Supporters of deposed former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi disrupted a Paris gathering featuring best-selling Egyptian novelist Alaa al-Aswany, forcing him to flee the hall….”A band of apparently pro-Morsi militants infiltrated (the conference) and took seats up front,” said Lang, who was in his office nearby at the time. “I don’t know exactly what was said, but insults were exchanged … they (protesters) shook the table and one succeeded in breaking a window with I-don’t-know what.”

Back in Obamastan, NPR still shills for the MuBro’s:

Unlicensed hatepreachers are banned to preach in mosques. But the MuBro idea “ is very difficult to be taken from the hearts of the people,”

It helps to ban Mustard protests, no matter how Iran Press TV whines:

After a French newspaper sparked global outrage by publishing obscene images of the Prophet Muhammad, the state decided to forbid all protests by Muslims – and their threats have worked. The protestors who expressed themselves were immediately arrested.

Curiously, France is denying freedom of expression in order to defend the right to freedom of expression. The newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” is allowed to profit from a second printing of its scandalous cartoons, but Muslim political gatherings are banned to allegedly maintain order.

Denying Muslims the right to protest automatically implies that they cannot protest peacefully, despite evidence to the contrary just last week in Paris. But the decision feeds into a common Western narrative of Muslims as people who need to be controlled.

France averages 10 protests a day and this year only four have been banned. The nation’s well-armed security forces have a lot of experience handling demonstrations so many believe that stopping the protests is a political decision and not out of concern that things could spiral out of control.

Ramin Mazaheri, Press TV, Paris

3 thoughts on “Paris: anti-Morsi novelist forced to make a runner when MuBro operatives disrupt conference”

  1. This “reporter” is lying. If he is not a muslim, he is certainly extremely islamophilic. And, as I said, he lied: e.g. he says that only 4 protests have been banned this year? I personally know of 2 x 2 who were banned, they happen to be counter jihadists: Riposte Laique and Resistance Republicaine planned to hold 2 demonstrations, both were denied twice (just a very short time before they were due to start). And this propagandising clown can’t tell me that they were the only applications for a protest march in France.

  2. Just as these islamophiles are unable to differenciate between critical speech and violence, they consider the disruption of a city by screaming muslims equivalent to publishing a magazine?
    Free speech applies to speech, it does not give anyone the right to block the roads with their bums in the air or to shout arabic phrases while marching through the town.

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