We are the worst; we are moral pygmies

Sorry pigmies:

We are the worst,  the world is aghast at our cruelty to boat people:

Andrew Bolt:

No, the world isn’t shocked by our boat people policies – and shouldn’t be

The cultural cringe lives on in the new Left, which warns us the rest of the world is aghast at our cruelty to boat people.

Take the Greens:

Tony Abbott’s war on refugees is ridiculous and irresponsible… The damage that these policies are doing to Australia’s international reputation, and the suffering we’re inflicting on vulnerable people, cannot be reversed easily.

The Australian Lawyers Alliance agrees the way we treat boat people is hurting our good name abroad and the Abbott Government should be much kinder:

The alternative is one of continuing harm – harm towards vulnerable people, harm to Australia’s international reputation, and harm to the country’s finances…

Wakademic Gideon Boas says Australia is a moral pygmy compared to, say, Europe:

Just look at the contrasting response of Europe to the drowning of hundreds of African asylum seekers on their way to the Italian isle of Lampedusa – tens of millions of euros to assist in rescue operations, calls for unity of action, but most significantly compassion for those lost at sea. In Australia, it seems compassion has been completely drained from the discussion about asylum seekers.

Reality check. I really don’t think even the socialist government of France will be reading Tony Abbott any moral lectures on illegal immigrants any time soon:

Shock over France’s recent expulsion of a 19-year-old Armenian student and a 15-year-old Kosovar girl – whom the police took off a school bus so that she and her family could be sent back to Kosovo – has gathered momentum, with protests by students calling for the resignation of the Interior Minister.

The minister, Manuel Valls, a member of the Socialist government of President Francois Hollande, has been a strong proponent in particular of deporting the Roma…

The racial politics surrounding the Roma minority in France shadowed the expulsion of the Kosovar girl, Leonarda Dibrani, who is also Roma, but not the case of the Armenian student, Khatchik Kachatryan. He was deported on Saturday.

Many had expected Mr Hollande’s Socialist government to adopt a less confrontational approach to France’s troubles with the Roma than the previous government of Nicolas Sarkozy, but there have been few changes… Most of the Roma, a minority of 20,000 in France, come from Bulgaria and Romania and live on the outskirts of cities, often in makeshift camps.

Germany won’t be lecturing us, either:

In Germany, asylum seekers are put in communal housing, have only limited rights to travel within the country and are not given work permits.

The tears of the Italians aren’t worth much:

If the migrants are caught on their journey, they are put in a camp where they are supposed to be held for only for a few days, but in reality they often spend months waiting. The public and media usually has no access to the camps…

Most of the boat people who make it to the shore and land in a refugee camp end up being deported back to their country of origin. Italy’s immigration policy is very strict. Only migrants with an employment contract can stay…

Whoever can, escapes from the camps, disappears to the north of Italy or northern Europe. There are hundreds of thousands of people without documents in Italy as well as France, Germany and the Benelux countries. They are not registered with any government offices and don’t exist to the authorities… They live in abandoned factories or houses without any gas or electricity… They work as day laborers on construction sights or fruit pickers for tiny salaries. Without a contract and without health insurance. 

World’s greatest libraries. What better sign of civilisation?

Andrew Bolt

 Without checking, I’ll bet you  a great dinner in Sydney at a restaurant of your choice that not one of them is in a Muslim country:


A hymn to the world’s greatest libraries:

British academic Dr James Campbell visited more than 80 libraries in 20 countries for his new book The Library, the first complete history of library buildings ever to be written.

Check out the pictures. I’ve always wanted a library where I’d need a ladder to reach the top shelves.

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  1. If every single boat was towed back to where it came from then destroyed Australia would rise in my estimation. Immensely.

  2. If you have been unemployed for more than a year, you have very limited travel rights in Germany. That is not explicitely stated anywhere, but the fact you must check your mailbox every morning makes it impossible to stay anywhere over night.

    Compared to the rights of ordinary German citizens, I do not see much of a difference. German citizens have no right to free speech, for example. So do not come here if you are spoilt, or unwilling to fight for rights for Germans, too.

  3. Absolutely Brilliant.

    As a bibliophile, love, love the photos of the libraries from around the world!

    They represent the values that demonstrate the difference between the rest of the world and Muslims…knowledge and culture = civilization.

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