Putin sucks up to the OIC: “the Islamic culture enriched the lives of the Russian people”

Putin lauds contribution of Russian muslims

Ufa (Russia): Russian President Vladimir Putin commended the remarkable contributions and sacrifices made by the Muslim community in Russia for their country. …


… Ihsanoglu stressed that the Islamic culture flourished and enriched the lives of the Russian people irrespective of their faith. …

More cultural enrichmentand apostasy at ummId.com/thanks to Mullah (pbuh)

So what are we to make of this?

Putin with Muslim religious leaders headbangers of Bashkortostan:

Discussions of Islam in Europe tend to focus on places like Britain and Sweden but Russia, the country with the largest Muslim community in both relative and absolute terms, is above all the place to watch.

Muslim Russia?

Not only do ethnic Muslims account for 21-23 million of Russia’s total population of 144 million, or 15 percent, but their proportion is fast growing. Alcoholism-plagued ethnic Russians are said to have European birth rates and African death rates, with the former just 1.4 per woman and the latter 60 years for men. In Moscow, ethnic Christian women have 1.1 child.

In contrast, Muslim women bear 2.3 children on average and have fewer abortions than their Russian counterparts. In Moscow, Tatar women have 6 children and Chechen and Ingush women have 10. In addition, some 3-4 million Muslims have moved to Russia from ex-republics of the U.S.S.R., mainly from Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan; and some ethnic Russians are converting to Islam. Here’s more, by Daniel Pipes

Russia Eaten Alive by ‘Black Widows’

Monday’s suicide bomb attack in Volgograd was not the first such attack in Russia, and it will not be the last. Since 2000, suicide bombings have become increasingly frequent in Russia, and “black widow” suicide bombers have been integral to this.–Read Full Article ››

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  1. Just giving the Muslims some of their own medicine, i.e. talkiing bullshit, and doing the exact opposite when no one is watching.

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