The ABC has to go!

ABC refuses to call boatpeople what they are

Andrew Bolt

nave-vlora The ABC bans its journalists from thinking for themselves and insists they give illegal arrivals a deliberately misleading descriptor: asylum seekers:

THE ABC has banned its journalists from using the term “illegal arrivals”, while acknowledging Scott Morrison’s preferred term for asylum-seekers who arrive by boat is factually correct...

[Immigration Minister Scott] Morrison recently ordered his department to use the term “illegal arrival” when referring to asylum-seekers who arrived by boat. But Mr Sunderland said the term “asylum-seeker” would continue to be used by the taxpayer-funded broadcaster, as it is by The Australian. [Shame on the Oz for not standing up to the Press Council.]

He referred staff to the ABC’s style guide, which notes that “under international law anyone can apply for asylum”.

The guide also bans the term “boatpeople”, “unlawful asylum seeker” and “illegal refugees”.

While rejecting the now official terminology, Mr Sunderland endorsed Mr Morrison’s use…

“In September, ABC Fact Check pointed out that references to ‘illegal entry’ and ‘illegal arrival’ are not wrong….”

Not wrong, but not helpful to the ABC’s boat people agenda.