Revolting Jack Straw

Car bombs kill

Nothing to do with Islam, as always:

3,000 civilians killed in Iraq so far this year. Yet the people who are so upset about drone attacks don’t seem concerned about Sunni-Shi’ite jihad violence at all. Oddly enough!   Car Bombs Kill at Least 56 People in Iraq

Hamas issued orders to shoot all opposition protesters in the head.

 Paki Prime Minister Promises to Re-open Afridi Case


Former British Foreign secretary: Jewish money prevents peace

Revolting Jack Straw

jack-straw-the-english-are-potentially-very-aggressiveJack Straw says in parliament debate ‘unlimited’ funds available to Jewish groups in US used to control America’s Mideast policy; adds Germany’s ‘obsession’ with defending Israel another obstacle for peace.

Its the kumbaya disease:

Liberal Jews Join Hands With Muslims

If your stomach will sit still for this, you just might have been infected by moonbattery:

The Muslims are of course playing the liberal Jews for useful idiot suckers; no one who follows the news could doubt that when they have the leverage, they will kill every Jew on the planet. The liberal Jews manage to know this and yet not know it not only because they are eager to acquire allies to collaborate with against non-minorities, but because they are moonbats.

As the Thinking Housewife comments,

To the liberal Jew, the Muslim is “the Other,” the noble outsider, the heroic victim.

This perverse embrace of the hostile “Other” is how Obama was elected president of a white majority nation, not despite but in part because he had made his hatred of whites public knowledge in his autobiographies.

Jews are advised to keep this lethal strain of moonbattery in check. If it gets far enough out of hand, Israel will elect a Muslim president to oversee construction of the gas chambers. (Moonbattery)

Bombing wedding parties is only bad when the U.S. does it

Afghanistan: Taliban bomb wedding-bound minibus, murdering 20 people

Showing who is in control. Our fool’s errand in Afghanistan should have ended years ago.

“Wedding-bound minibus bombed in Afghanistan; 20 dead,” by Qadir Sediqi for CNN, October 27 (thanks to JW)


Islamic jihadists murder five, injure 83 with serial blasts at Hindu politician’s rally

Narendra Modi is a forthright and unapologetic foe of jihad terror and Islamic supremacism.

“Serial blasts rock Modi’s rally venue in Patna, five killed,” by Rahi Gaikwad for The Hindu, October 27 (thanks to JW):

Five persons were killed and 83 injured in multiple blasts that rocked Patna’s Gandhi Maidan and the railway station on Sunday, hours before BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi was to address the Hunkar rally here.

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