“Extremists” are racist-bigot-Islamophobes like Spencer & Geller, we all know that. People like that could upset the cosy arrangements between British elites and colourful creatures like the Sultan of Brunei:

Brunei a throwback to an age of absolute monarchy

With a swing of his powerful arm, a prison guard landed a wicked-looking cane on the back of a dummy dressed in the white uniform of convicts in Brunei.

The leader of a moderate Muslim organisation says the the introduction of sharia law in Brunei could mean there will be more capital punishment. The Sultan of Brunei plans to enforce the tough Islamic penal code in phases over the next six months.

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Sultan-Hassanal-Bo_2715164bFor the 400,000 inhabitants of Brunei, life is a throwback to the age when monarchs wielded absolute power and their word went unquestioned. (Telegraph thanks to Mullah/pbuh)

Extremely Extreme Extremists Increase Appeal Of Merely Extreme Extremists 

by Hugh Fitzgerald

That’s the farcical way that in the West Islam and its adherents are discussed. We invent something called “moderate” Islam, but never stop to define it.

Few who use the phrase, or who dismiss complaints about Islam as being wrong-headed because “it’s just the extremists” never think that they should be required to explain exactly what, in the beliefs of those “moderates,” allows us to be sanguine about them, to think they pose no danger to us.

Just because someone is not running around in caves in Afghanistan, or the wilder shores of the Hadramaut, or waving the black flag of Islam over a church in Aleppo, and may even ostentatiously deplore such things (and not feign such deploring but mean it) does not entitle one never to come to grips with the melancholy fact that the “moderate” Muslim’s beliefs remain quite close to those of the “extremists,” and “the extremists” are simply those Muslims who take the texts and teachings of Islam straight up, undiluted by local considerations of self-interest (as, for example, Muslims living in the West have to worry about how non-Muslims regard them, and what, if they should begin to fully grasp the nature of Islam, they might do about that Muslim presence), or other prudential reasons for conducting Jihad — the struggle to remove all obstacles to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam — not through terrorism, or qital (combat), but using other instruments that require more patience, and that also, many Muslims have good reason to believe, will be more effective, and not endanger their status and presence in the Lands of the Infidels in Europe and North America.


Here’s the latest on the most extreme extremists in Syria — the ISIS fighters — who, by their activities and prominence, are now, so the report insists, making Jubhat Al-Nusra, another group that consists only of extreme extremists rather than of the most extreme extremists, look “moderate.”