Theresa May’s growing jitters over hate preachers and returning jihadists

Mayday, Mayday!

UK’s Home Secretary says British Muslims using Syria for jihad terror training ground, then returning home

She calls them “British people”

“…some of those people are potential terrorists, some of whom may get training, and in some cases may actually engage in conflict and then return to the UK.”


Theresa May didn’t hesitate to ban Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from the U.K. for opposing the same jihad that these “Britons” are now returning from Syria to spread. She is, in other words, quite mad.


Ready for another ‘Islam is not Islam’ story from Arabia?

The holy book of Islam, Al-Quran calls for the practicing of peace and tolerance in daily life, not just among Muslims, but among God’s other children.–‘Stop terrorizing non-Muslims, Muslims in the name of Islam’

The bizarre Muslim-leftist-homo-alliance:

Glenn Greenwald, who reported on NSA surveillance leaks, to address banquet of Hamas-linked CAIR

….the massive surveillance is unnecessary, unconstitutional, and detrimental to our future as a free republic of free people. At the same time, the pivotal role of people like Greenwald and other manifestly pro-jihad hard Leftist “journalists” brings out another aspect of this whole affair: Hamas-linked CAIR, for which Greenwald is an eager stooge, wants the NSA surveillance ended so that any residual surveillance of jihad terrorists will also end.

Have you got a desire to shed blood, to smash skulls, and to sever limbs for the sake of Allah?

In that case, Britain might be the place for you:

UK: Muslim group cries “Islamophobia,” issues veiled threats after University of London bans Islamic supremacist speakers

It is surprising that Theresa May and David Cameron haven’t reprimanded the University of London for banning these Islamic supremacist speakers. After all, they recently admitted Mohammed al-Arefe into the country. Al-Arefe has said: “Devotion to jihad for the sake of Allah, and the desire to shed blood, to smash skulls, and to sever limbs for the sake of Allah and in defense of His religion, is, undoubtedly, an honor for the believer. Allah said that if a man fights the infidels, the infidels will be unable to prepare to fight.”


Al-Arefe, who loves jihad terror, was fine, but Pamela Geller and I, who oppose jihad terror, were banned from the country. So what is the University of London doing banning Abdur Raheem Green and Hamza Tzortzis? They should take note of the prevailing winds in Britain and give both honorary doctorates.

“UK Islamist group gets aggressive after speaker ban,” from Trending Central, October 5 (thanks to JW):

The Islamist group, the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) has publicly expressed anger at having two of its most prominent speakers banned from the University of London this week.

Abdur Raheem Green and Hamza Tzortzis were this week stopped from appearing at the University of London following warnings from the Metropolitan Police.

Green has been criticised in the past for claiming that “Islam is not compatible with democracy” and that a husband may use ”physical force… a very light beating” against his wife. In 2006 he was recorded suggesting that the buildings attacked on 9/11 fell too quickly and that they may have been demolished, and that “one way or another, there is a lot of deception going on right now”.

Hamza Tzortzis has previously endorsed barbaric punishments such as beheading, has said that homosexuality should be a criminal act, and has said that Islam is incompatible with democracy. He is a former member of the Islamist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

But iERA was clearly not about to take the ban lying down. A robust and aggressive e-mail was distributed to its e-mail list this week, asking for people to “Give 60 seconds to defend Islam and Muslims!” The letter asks recipients to e-mail the university, and to call Paul Wilkinson, the Director of Property and Facilities Management at the University of London.

But the worrying message comes both at the bottom of that e-mail, and in the pro-forma letter drafted by iERA for its supporters to threaten the university with.

After, “Angry Muslims Unite!”, the group supplies a pre-written text to be submitted to the university, which “demands explanation as to why this decision was taken” and claims to represent the entire Muslim community in Britain. It states, ”

This whole matter is seen by the Muslim community as an Islamophobic and hostile attack on our values. If you do not reverse this decision, we will be vocally raising this issue in the Muslim community both here and abroad as to your stance against our community.” [Emphasis added]

Threats to raise the issue abroad have been interpreted by some as iERA using its foreign Islamist connections to intimidate the university and its staff. The matter is likely to be seen as concerning given that a basic look at the iERA website sees that its speakers are tied to the Islam Channel, which carried advertisements for DVDs of radical al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, and hosted the “Global Peace and Unity” event which has featured various Islamist speakers in the past, includingZakir Naik who approved of Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist tactics against the United States.

Britons using Syria as terrorist training ground – and then returning home, says Theresa May

From the SundayTelegraph/thanks to Hugh Fitzgerald (NER)

“What we have seen for some time now, is that a number of British people travelling out to Somalia, we’re now seeing people travel out to Syria. 

“Obviously, in those circumstances, some of those people are potential terrorists, some of whom may get training, and in some cases may actually engage in conflict and then return to the UK.”

Mrs May said while they were referred to in report as “foreign fighters” she viewed them as “potential terrorists, some of whom will be of a Jihadi mind-set”.

The comments are to the point, they may not stay up for long:

• Let’s get this right May. These animals are not British they just happen to have British passports that your government and the Labour government gave them. Your party and the socialists have deliberately allowed and fostered open gate mass immigration from dangerous third world countries, mainly muslim, and you knew the risks and how you were/are exposing us to terror.

You are not fit to govern nor the socialists.

Vote Tory – you get more home grown terrorists

Vote Labour – you get more home grown terrorists

Vote UKIP – and you get your country back.

This one is well rated and I rather like it.

  • ‘British’ extremists?

    What do they do? Force democracy and respect for the rights of others on society? Loyalty to the Queen? Respect for the rule of law and the pursuit of justice?

    Do you mean Islamists? I recent the description ‘British’ being used in this fashion and besides as per my above note, it is inaccurate to say the least.