Tommy Robinson’s press conference on resigning from the EDL.

Don’t buy the claptrap about “extremism”,  especially not from “all sides”.  There is something more sinister behind this, and  we all know that the lad had immense pressure brought down on him over the last couple of years through the  treacherous British government and its henchmen.

Just for the record:

Just like Anjem Chaudrey will always stand with his Muslim brothers, right or wrong (his words, not mine) so  should we always stand with our infidel brothers and sisters, because  we have a lot more at stake than the muselmanic invaders who are here to replace us, our society and our political system. This is not hatred, its certainly not about us hating them, its because we care. We care for our culture and civilisation, not for the retarded Islamic cult;  and that means we must preserve the birthright of our kids. It is our duty, our sacred duty, to see that they are  not being forced into muselmanic slavery.

We know there is no coexistence with Islam. We know that all the blather about ‘extremism’ is nothing but a smokescreen to distract, to confuse and to put our anger to rest until the next atrocity. And when the Muslims have the numbers, ‘moderate’ or not, its all over. That pattern has been repeated time and time again. We need to make sure it doesn’t happen to us. Make of it what you will; I’m not buying any. It may well be that Tommy cracked under pressure, it may  be that he feels he should not be held responsible for the actions of the EDL, (and why should he be if some members step out of line?) or it may be blackmail by David Camoron’s government. What does it change? Nothing. The jihad continues regardless, and our resistance, our resolve must continue, regardless, come what may.

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Gates of Vienna offers an interesting take on Tommy’s road to Damascus.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson turns his back on his own party over ‘dangers of far-rightextremism’

Here’s an earlier vid with a typically obtuse jerk (Jon Snow)

The commenters on “Harry’s Place” are way better informed than him:

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  1. Tommy Robinson has shown enough courage in the past to be in danger for the rest of his life, and – being as cowardly as the next keyboard warrior – who am I to judge him, for having given into blackmail: 3 young children and a wife which a man of Tommy’s ethics assumes full responsability for? Before condemning him, look in the mirror.

    But, at the moment I fell really sorry for him – he really looked like a hostage between those nauseatingly opportunistic muslims.

    And as the Sheik said: we must not give up.

  2. The real enemy are the scumdogs in Westminster who dont give a shit about us peasants. They can pay Tommy off and everything EDL will just go away!!! NO FKN SURRENDER!!!

  3. Here’s Esmeralda’s take:

    EDL. Changes afoot.

    Readers will be wondering about the future of the EDL with yesterday’s news that Tommy Robinson and his cousin and second-in-command Kev Carroll have left the EDL to join Muslim group the Quilliam Foundation.

    Obviously this will cause some changes within the EDL; these are under discussion and it may be some days before the new leadership takes shape. One thing is certain, the EDL will continue. The movement is bigger than any two men (even if one of them is 6’5” tall).

    Tommy and Kev have given a lot to the movement; Lost jobs, lost business, imprisonment, physical threats to themselves and worse to their families, disruption of homelife. Their courage and energy are indisputable and I wish them well in their efforts to work with the Quilliam Foundation whose stated aims for reforming Islam and encouraging a moderate form are, on paper, admirable.

    My colleagues and I at the New English Review have always had doubts about Quilliam so how productive and wholesome this partnership will prove to be is for the future.

    What is certain is that in the last five years, even before the EDL formed, scales have fallen from the eyes of the British public. There is now a greater knowledge and awareness of Islam. The man in the street knows terms like dhimmi, jizya, taqiyya, caliphate. The woman on the Clapham Omnibus knows about niqabs, female genital mutilation, sharia, kuffur. We cannot go back on that knowledge.

    The best values of the EDL will continue as will other groups like March for England (who predate the EDL by several years). Tactics and methods of operation will grow, change and develop but that was inevitable anyway. Tommy and Kev moving on is just one facet of our organic growth.

    Churchill is often quoted on patriotic occassions. He ended many telephone conversations with the acronym KBO. Keep Buggering On. A bit vulgar but terribly British.

    The demo in Bradford on Saturday will go ahead.


    Posted on 10/09/2013 3:33 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax

  4. And when they are butchering and raping your daughters you can say you deserve it, all of it!!! Traitorous scum!!!

  5. Something does not smell right and I do not buy it.

    Nor do I blame TR and KC or see them at fault. I do however feel a tremendous bout of sadness.

    Down, but not out.

    Whatever hell is going on, there is still a Civil War coming to the UK and by in large in Europe too against Muslims; removing TR won’t stop it from occuring.

    The elite have created this forthcoming Civil War.

    @Tony Davis

    With all due respect. Rape and murder of British girls and woman has already been happening for nearly 15 years and the establishment do not care. Why should they? It is not their wife or daughter, aren’t we, peasants just lucky.

  6. These interviews with Tommy show just how far along the road to a Mao/Stalin like democracy with its show trials and public confessions England and the EU have come. This is not the death knell for the EDL, this is the death knell for democracy.

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