Toronto Cops Shut Down Anti-Islam Protest

In Canada, if the truth hurts the feelings of a special victims group, it is usually suppressed.

mosque-sign-toronto-300x246Taxpayer funded mural calls for “Help from Allah (is near) and a speedy victory (is assured).”

Crushing Free Speech-Toronto Police Shut Down Anti-Islamist Protest (Blog Wrath/BCF)

The police cars kept coming. The cops were totally confused, because they didn’t know how to proceed and the protesters kept insisting that they had a right to free speech and they didn’t attack or offend anybody. In the end the police found the simplest solution – they told everybody to get out of there. Nobody got arrested.

Since the Muslims came to Canada to (allegedly) lead a peaceful life and enjoy all the benefits that this rich country has to offer, whether they work or not, it is hard to ignore the question: “Why do the Toronto Muslims need a huge battle cry painted on their mosque?” Are they planning a “speedy victory” over the hapless taxpayers, who pay the welfare cheques of the veiled gargoyles, who are “too good” to work? Or is this a wish for a speedy victory of sharia, under which we will pay jizia tax to our new Muslim masters? More….

Take a look at the video before it’s banned:

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4 thoughts on “Toronto Cops Shut Down Anti-Islam Protest”

  1. Cops confused, wanted to beat someone up. Big disappointment no one pulled out a pencil, the cops couldn’t shoot someone.

  2. The british Elites are scared under Muslim duress as its too late as they have sold themselves and Europe (soon to be Eurabia) for cheap oil.

    1. For heavens sake, who told you this is about “cheap oil?” It isn’t.

      It is about Islam, and Arab supremacy. It is about massive corruption in our governments, because if Arab Muslims are good at anything, it is using the money weapon to corrupt people. It is carefully used in their jihad to give Islam its righteous place, to put Islam above all other religions and ideologies, and to conquer, to spread Islam around the world, and in this they are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

      Cheap oil?

      It is us who found the oil, it is us who drilled it, who transport and refine it, it is us who distribute it and it is us who have given Muslim Arabs trillions of dollars for which they have nothing to show.

      Don’t you know that we are still accused by Muslims that we ‘are stealing their oil”, which means they would extort twice, three or four times more if only they could? We are paying way too much for it, and we should not, because most of that money we pay for oil goes back into the jihad.

      No, “cheap oil” is the least of our problems. It is the thousands upon thousands of hirelings in the west that beat the Islamic drums, the horrible corruption in institutions of higher learning, the journaillie which is parroting the absurd ‘religion of peace’ rubbish and who beat everyone to a pulp who sticks his neck out. The Arabs have learned to use the money weapon better than anyone, and they now rule the UN and the EUSSR. Their presence is becoming increasingly visible in the west, where mosques are springing up in their thousands, and in Africa, where countries fall like dominoes to the Islamic cult. Out of this comes the hatred for Israel, which suffers tremendously under the jihad, and then some.

  3. I agree totally with the Sheik – the Arabs are using oil as a weapon – and the vast majority of us are too damn lazy to do our homework in order to understand what we need to understand. Look at the thousands who grab flights on cheap arab airlines, simply not realizing what the long term consequences of their actions are.

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