Tower Hamlet Jihadist: “… a simple knife from your local B&Q will do the job.”

“British man” from Tower Hamlets:

Al-Shabaab video threat to British Muslims

“…come to jihad, and raise the banner, humiliate the disbelievers, cut the necks of the disbelievers.”

Holding an automatic weapon in his hands, the narrator tells people to purchase knives:

“Do not waste your time trying to reinvent the wheel. If you can’t afford to get hold of one of these then certainly a simple knife from your local B&Q will do the job.”

Democratic Republic of the Congo:

Muslims Complain About “Backlash” Over Al-Shabab Activity -…

It’s always the same all over the world. Instead of cleaning house, and expunging the texts and teachings of Islam of all calls to warfare against the kuffar, Muslims complain that they’re the victims of “Islamophobia.” And if officials in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are anything like those… (Pamela Geller)

Go get him, folks:

Polish mufti admits to illegal slaughter:

Chief Mufti Tomasz Miskiewicz has admitted to carrying out the ‘ritual slaughter’ on Tuesday in the village of Bohoniki, north east Poland, in spite of a state-imposed ban on the practice. “I will not evade responsibility for this and I am at the disposal of prosecutors,” he has said. “I carried out [the slaughter] myself, maintaining the culture and heritage of the Polish Tatars and Muslims,” —Poland: Animal rights groups want Mufti punished for illegal halal slaughter

The childish feeling of conquest:

The Hagia Sophia Mosque

….the Muslim congregation complains, according to another conservative Muslim Turkish newspaper, that “Muslims are being forced to pray ‘in a mosque’ in front of ‘Christian icons and a fresco.’” Muslims, therefore, demand the lifting of restrictions on the destruction of such historical objects at their “mosque.” No one asked why there were Christian objects at a mosque in the first place. —The Hagia Sophia Mosque

If Africa belongs to blacks, why should France not belong to the French?

Not “Racist” At All, But Fed Up With The Muslims In Their Midst 

by Hugh Fitzgerald

Ivan Rioufol notes that at Brignoles, where the Front National candidate, Mr. Lopez (hardly “francais de souche”) won with 54% of the vote, the present mayor of the city is a Communist, and the former mayor, Jacques Cestor, is a black man from Martinique who was elected six times to local office (three times as mayor), insists “the vote was not racist, but the expression of those who have had it up to here” — had it up to here, mainly,  with Muslim immigrants, who have taken over a central part of Brignoles, and who, as elsewhere in France, in Europe, in Infidel lands, who have no intention of, and cannot possibly in any case given what Islam teaches them to believe, integrate with, or accept, the Infidels among whom they have been allowed in such numbers to settle. Everyone is fed up with not being listened to — not by the Left and not by the Right. It’s not a question of employment or unemployment. It’s a question of Islam, and those who are its adherents. And successive governments that have allowed this nightmare situation to develop.

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