UK: Muslim Girls Need Protection From Sexual Predators?

Agencies in Britain are teaming up to tackle sexual predators who prey on Asian and Muslim girls:

Muslim “grooming gangs”  have plied thousands of British girls with drugs and alcohol and sold them into sex slavery. Authorities have been derelict in their duty to protect for fear of being called “racist”.  Now that these horrific scandals can no longer be swept under the carpet the real problem is identified: UK officials react to child sex abuse report

Myanmar: Muslim Riots Flare Up Again

Myanmar rioters attack Muslims and burn homes

As always, Muslims are the “victims” – Muslims, who account for about 4 percent of Myanmar’s roughly 60 million people, have been the main victims of the violence since it began. But most criminal trials have involved prosecutions of Muslims rather than members of the Buddhist majority.

In Obamastan, we’re all homo’s now:

“There is an atmosphere of intimidation at Lackland Air Force Base,”

Al Jizz fears “financial famine” for Somalia

Really, really wishing “Islamophobia” was real:

Turkish headbangers whine about  “Islamophobia in Canada”

Islamophobia in Europe has been a very widespread topic within recent years and now with recent events in Canada’s Québec province, it only makes one wonder as to whether or not this may be a new era of Islamophobia in Canada.

Obama-backed Muslim soldiers: attacking churches, terrorizing nuns and orphans…

“PM Netanyahu: The people of Israel have come home, never to be uprooted again”

PM Netanyahu speaketh: “Distrust, dismantle and verify”- 

I wish I could believe Rouhani, but I don’t. The facts are that Iran’s savage record contradicts Rouhani’s soothing rhetoric. (Atlas)


One thought on “UK: Muslim Girls Need Protection From Sexual Predators?”

  1. RE: Agencies in Britain are teaming up to tackle sexual predators who prey on Asian and Muslim girls:

    Considering where the abuse report originated from and no actual figures, I would not trust the report.

    By my mind, it is just more Muslim shenanigans piggy backing on other people’s pathos to play the victim card.

    Oh, and the coppers quote is laughable.

    “DCI Jenkinson said: “For me it’s not a minority issue: there are people committing horrendous crimes against children, and it’s the children that the police, social care and all the partner agencies and third-sector workers want to protect.”

    Too bad the police did feel the same way when white children were being stalked, drugged, beaten and then pimped out.

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