What are our borders worth? What our culture?

This Pope Is a Disgrace
Do-gooders who do badPope Francis has described the drowning deaths of boat people as “a disgrace”. Picture: AFPSource: AFP

POPE Francis called it a “disgrace”. But the real disgrace is such reckless sanctimony when boat people drown.

Andrew Bolt/Herald Sun

A fortnight ago we got it from the Greens, who demanded an inquiry when scores of boat people – many from Lebanon – drowned just 50m off an Indonesian beach.

The guilt is ours because, the Greens complain, “there are no safe or ‘regular’ pathways available” for Third World people to migrate here even when we don’t want them.

The Pope, alas, is no less irresponsible.

Last Thursday some 300 Africans died while trying to smuggle themselves into Italy, and the Pope, hands seeming to shake with anger, railed: “The word disgrace comes to me.”

He added: ”Let us unite our efforts so that similar tragedies do not happen again. Only a decided collaboration among all can help to stop them.”

The drownings were a great tragedy, yes. But a “disgrace” to Italians or the West?

In fact, the boat had tipped over because the 500 passengers, mainly from Eritrea and Somalia, reportedly lit a small fire on board while just off the Italian coast to get the attention of the coast guard, and then all fled to one side when it spread.

And what “decided collaboration” is needed to end such drownings? The Pope did not explain, but the European Council for Refugees and Exiles did.

It was as the Greens demand here: to give such migrants “an alternative to resorting to illegal means of entry through dangerous routes”.

That means tearing down our borders. It means letting thousands of uninvited migrants come today – and inevitably millions tomorrow – to help themselves to what others have created.

It means to risk letting in so many strangers that they destroy the culture producing the wealth that attracted them. Has the Pope not seen already the fires of immigrant rage in France, Britain and Sweden?

And does he think the native populations of Western countries will just shrug their shoulders as uninvited strangers fill their cities and welfare queues? Think Cronulla.

Many people are so keen to seem good that they do not want the choices and challenges laid out this starkly. They do not want to seem as mean as I do in being blunt.

But wanting to seem good does not excuse the evil you unleash by being wilfully blind to the consequences.

Blog with Andrew Bolt

Populations from Africa and the Middle East are on the move and every rich country will have to ask: how many will we take? How will we stop the rest?

The more we simply let come illegally, the more will try their luck. Just three years ago “human rights” lawyer Julian Burnside scoffed that we got too few boat people to worry about – just 400 a month. By early this year it was 2000 a month.

There are plenty more where they came from, with 40 million displaced people and even more sitting in failed states such as Syria, Egypt, Somalia and Libya, watching our welfare paradise on their TV screens.

Even now, many in the media class like to pretend money isn’t driving many “asylum seekers” and “refugees” to the boats.

But the truth is seeping out.

SBS interviewed relatives of passengers on the boat which sank off Indonesia, and was told one family paid $80,000 to get smuggled into Australia and escape “poverty”.

Some poverty.

Lebanese government officials last week flew to Indonesia and announced most of the Lebanese survivors would be flying home with them.

So much for needing “asylum”.

Also last week Ling Yoong, former director of medical health services for our offshore asylum processing, said boat people had asked doctors for breast enlargements, IVF treatment and Botox.

Welcome to welfare heaven.

I suspect the penny is now dropping even at the ABC, which is finally calling this illegal immigration for what it is – provided it is not too close to home.

Sure, all ABC reports on the sinking off Indonesia still referred to the dead as “asylum seekers”.

But most ABC reports on the sinking off Italy days later referred to those dead as “migrants”. For example: “Italy has declared a national day of mourning after a boat packed with African migrants caught fire and sank …”

Why the different language? Why the more misleading “asylum seekers” when describing migrants trying to come illegally to Australia?

The language is important, because it conditions our response.

Should we stop the drownings simply by offering safer entry to however many “asylum seekers” who knock?

Or do we slam shut the door against these illegal “migrants”?

Either way, the fundamental question remains: What are our borders worth? What our culture?

7 thoughts on “What are our borders worth? What our culture?”

  1. good that someone else found out!…I was catholic, since when this one became the pope I AM NO MORE !
    He is the antichrist, he will finish the little remaining of the church and give us straight into the hands of islamists !…with the previous one, the one THEY FORCED TO RESIGN…, all the arabs where against the Vatican, but they admire and support HIM…Is it a coincidence? I am sure it is NOT!

  2. Disgrace? For who? The drunken builder’s carpenter who forgot to do a few rows of caulking in the planks???

  3. …and one of his ‘priest followers’ declared shouting to an other guest on a talk show ‘ we must let them in all, it’s like if you want to stop a tsunami with one hand, you can’t’…
    More than 100 every other day arrive, and GUESS WHAT : 90 % of them is muslim….

  4. Italian fishermen let the African invaders drown

    Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

    Unnamed survivors quoted in the Italian media, who said the boat had left the Libyan port of Misrata two days earlier, said that three fishing boats in the area had seen that their vessel was in trouble but had not come to their rescue. Alfano rejected this, saying that the boats nearby had not seen them. “If they had, they would have intervened,” he said. “Italians have big hearts.”
    Source: Guardian

    Prime Minister Enrico Letta’s centre-left Democratic Party (PD) called for an urgent meeting of the European Council to agree setting up special “humanitarian corridors” to provide protection for migrant boats.

    It has also fuelled a growing political row in which the anti-immigration Northern League party has called for the resignation of Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge, Italy’s first black minister.

    It said her call for better integration of migrants into Italy, including revised citizenship laws had “sent dangerous signals” to would-be migrants.

    But the mayor of Lampedusa, Giusi Nicolini, rejected assertions by Northern League politician Matteo Salvini that the boats should be turned back because they are full of “illegal immigrants”.

    “These are refugees. We have a duty to take them in. They must be respected,” she said. “The League’s message is a virus that is contaminating people with hate. In a moment like this, they can’t keep repeating this crap.”

    Much controversy surrounds Italy’s severe immigration law, which requires repatriation of illegal immigrants who come to Italy and which has often led to the sequester of fishing boats that have saved the lives of migrants.

    “This immigration law is killing people,” said Enzo, a 44-year-old fisherman from Lampedusa.

    He said that many fisherman like himself were afraid of having their boats taken away and being put on trial because several had been prosecuted under the current immigration law for helping save stranded migrants.

    “We should send a ship to bring those who are fleeing wars to Italy safely. Right now, we’re the ones who are killing them with our rules and bureaucracy,” he said.

  5. Why is every one always so supprised at the cynicism and callousness of heads of church/state?
    Do you think one gets to be the head of the richest, most influencial pyramid scam ever by caring about other people?

  6. Refugees?

    More like economic migrants.

    “Let us unite our efforts so that similar tragedies do not happen again. Only a decided collaboration among all can help to stop them.”

    There is nothing stopping the pope if he was truly sincere in helping these poor poor “refugees” and sending his priestly army to the home countries in Africa and elsewhere with pockets of cash and help these countries create a new society in the name of Christ where the refugees would not have a need to flee/run away.

    Seriously, the Catholic Church has gotten lazy. Once upon a time they want out into the world to provide charity. Now they want the world to come to them in Rome.

    I am sure Vatican City is more then happy to give monies into the Italian treasury to cover the cost of “refugees” eating into the system? After all he is big on “collaborating.”

    1. It was clear from the beginning that this pope is a typical South American redistributor. He believes in the same ‘social justice’ rubbish that ruined other churches and many countries. Welfare creates dependency and complacency, it is a fertiliser for grievances and entitlement parasitism. Pope Francis has yet to make a clear statement about the burning churches and the genocide of the Christians in countries occupied by the soldiers of allah.

      His hypocrisy is stunning.


      Magdi Allam: Enough Of This Intolerable Breastbeating In The West Whenever Illegals Drown

      Help them, but help them within their own countries. For there is no end to the numbers of those who would,if they could, come to the West illegally, and in so doing, do nothing to help those left behind, but make the peoples of the Western world far more anxious, depressed, unable to cope. There is no god-given right to enter the countries, the civilizations, of others, by those whose differences are insuperable, and even the task of pretending that they are not, and trying to integrate those who manage to be smuggled in, are a gigantic expense,and do great damage to the educational systems, the health systems, the everything, all over the breast-beating Western world. It’s idiotic, because if such immigrants are allowed in, they will simply pull down the level of the countries they enter and, they will signal to others, to tens or hundreds of millions of others, that they can and should follow. It’s got to stop; the ships and boats that bring them have to be stopped just as they leave their points of departure. And all such immigrants should be shipped back, whether they were on boats that arrived safely, or whether they are among just a few survivors of boats that did not make it. The latter are not to be allowed in any more than the former. There should be no distinction.

      That’s my clear thinking. And yours, if I read you — and you read me — right.

      Now here’s the clear thinking Magdi Allam

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