What to do about these “fanatical Aussie Kidz” who went to jihad in Syria….

By Christina McIntosh, the Iconoclast

“We want to have children and offer them as soldiers defending Islam… Teach them this: there is nothing more beloved to me than wanting to die as a mujahid. Put in their soft, tender hearts the zeal of jihad and a love of martyrdom.”– Feiz Mohammad

Australian Jihadis should be barred from returning home: Canberra urged to ban Syria volunteers

Yesterday I reproduced a news report featuring Opposition MP Michael Danby stating the obvious.  Now the Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, is bringing the matter up, and we discover along the way that even that same foolish Bob Carr who foolishly sang the praises of the sinister Mohammed Morsi not so very long ago was still capable of recognising at least some threats when he saw them.

‘Scott Morrison flags block on Australians returning home after fighting in Syria’.

‘Australians’. They are not Australians.  They are Australian-passport-holding Muslims, fully-signed-up and active ‘soldiers of allah’, members of the army of Islam, and their loyalty is given solely and primarily to the transnational (but in reality Arab supremacist) Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, the de facto Empire of Islam, in either its Sunni or its Shiite manifestations.  So, when they come back to Australia, they are not coming ‘home’; they are returning to a part of what they are taught to regard as ‘dar al Harb’, the region of war…which must be warred against, endlessly, by all means, psychological, financial, verbal and physical, until it succumbs and is transformed into…dar al Islam, where Muslims rule and the Sharia reigns supreme.  Syria is also ‘dar al Harb’ for any pious Sunni, because there the deemed-heretical dubiously-Muslim and currently-Shiite-aligned Alawites currently – though barely – cling to dominance   – CM

‘Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says he expects there would be bipartisan support for any move to block Australians (sic: see my remarks immediately above, re the use of this term – CM)who have been fighting in Syria from returning to this country.

Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!  Do it, sir!  Put that block in place! It is by no means all we need to do to protect ourselves from the Global Jihad, but it would be a start. – CM

‘Spy agency ASIO says about 200 Australians  have taken up arms in the Syrian civil war.

That is: 200 Muslims who currently carry Australian passports have gone to Syria to wage jihad, whether on the side of the Sunnis or the Shiites. – CM

Islamic Tolerance

Virgin Breaking Headbanger:

We Won’t Accept Anything but Wahhabism in Syria

‘Former foreign affairs minister Bob Carr says that when in government, he sought advice on how to block Australian citizens (that is: Muslims with Australian passports – CM) from returning home (sic: from returning to their temporary advance base in the Australian portion of what they view as Dar al Harb – CM) after fighting in Syria, but was told it could not legally be done.

Then the laws should be changed.  Very carefully and intelligently, but, changed, so that zealous allahu akbaring would-be mass-murderers, honed in the skills of, for example, slitting throats of priests and setting truck bombs in city streets, are not allowed back in through the gates to represent a permanent and worsening menace to all non-Muslim Australians.  Laws, in the present perilous circumstances in which we and all of the lands of the non-Muslism find ourselves vis a vis the neverending Jihad waged against us, should be changed.  – CM

He has urged the current government to revisit the idea.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Just do it! – CM

‘Speaking to Sky News, Mr Morrison said the Federal Government was concerned about Australians involved in the Syria conflict returning to “disrupt the significant social cohesion we have in this country”.

Disrupt the signficant social cohesion”.  Understatement of the year.  What kind of ‘disruption’, eh?  Mr Morrison, what I am coldly and rationally worrying about is that these returning jihadis, all fired up in the cause of ‘allah’, will carry out the equivalent of the Beslan school atrocity, or of the Westgate Mall atrocity, or Mumbai 2008, or London 2005, or the recent mass-murderous Muslim bombing of the parishioners of All Saints’ Anglican Church, Peshawar.  Or that we may experience an attack such as Mohammed Merah perpetrated when he went into a Jewish school in Toulouse, heavily armed, and gunned down a rabbi, and two little boys, and an eight year old girl, one Miriam Monsonego, whom he grabbed by her ponytail and shot in the head, point blank, twice. Mr Morrison: even one such attack is, as far as I am concerned, one too many. And we can make a start on preventing such, by a very simple expedient: refusing to readmit jihad-minded Muslim men who, carrying Australian passports, have been busy killing or trying to kill other-sect Muslims –  and, very probably, Christian civilians – in Syria. – CM

“We don’t want that in Australia, we just don’t want it in Australia, and I agree with Senator Carr on that”, he said.

“I’m sure there’d be broad-based support across Parliament (and not only across Parliament – across a significant portion of the entire Australian non-Muslim populace – CM) to ensure that these sorts of things were not imported back to Australia”.

Something to think about: if we had not imported Muslims into Australia at all, we would not now be worrying about Muslims with Aussie passports who are waltzing off to jihad in Syria and will then waltz back to Australia… to bide their time, hatch their plots, spread jihad-mindedness, and then…practise their battle-honed skills on Aussie infidels as and when opportunity presented.  Got Muslims? …sooner or later, got Jihad. – CM

‘Mr Morrison says he would expect bipartisan support in Parliament for any action taken by the Government.

“We are keeping a very close watch on this, a very close watch, and I’ve had consultations before the election where Islamic communities in Australia have raised this with me, in particular about people returning, that they wouldn’t want to see a return”.

Hmmm. Shiites afraid of being targeted by returning Sunni jihadis?  Sunnis afraid of being targeted by returning Shiites?  in any case: as far as I am concerned, what the Muslim ‘community’ thinks about what Australia chooses to do to protect itself from the Jihad, is irrelevant.  We should not need to gain Muslim approval – indeed, the last thing we should even think of doing, is seeking Muslim approval – for any measures (such as, for instance, placing a ban on the return of battle-honed jihadis from overseas jihad hotspots, and perhaps even removing their Australian citizenship or residency status) that we deem necessary for our national and homeland security.  Question: if a majority of Australian non-Muslims were to clearly indicate they wanted a ban on the return into Australia of these so-called “Australian” jihadis from Syria (or from anywhere else, such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya or Mauritania or Mali), and if Muslims in Australia objected to such a ban, what would Mr Morrison do?  Whose advice would he take? – CM

‘The Labor MP Michael Danby first raised the issue last week.

‘Australia has ‘by far largest number’ of Western fighters in Syria.

And now, cue a bleating dhimmi, squeaking, ‘But you can’t do that! You mustn’t do that! It will upset the Muslims and they will hurt us! – CM

‘An expert from Melbourne University’s School of International Relations (I shall have to check and find out how many Muslims they have on the faculty – CM) says Australians (one more time: not ‘Australians’; they are Muslims who currently possess the temporary and tactical convenience of an Australian passport – CM) make up “by far the largest” contingent of Western recruits to Syrian armed groups.

‘Western’?  They are not ‘western’ in any sense except the geographical.  ‘Armed groups’.  Jihad gangs. – CM

‘Dr David Malet has just published a book about recruits to overseas insurgencies, called Foreign Fighters: Transnational Identity in Civil Conflicts.

‘He says that while Australians  [sic – ‘Australian-passport-holding Muslims’ – CM] are often involved in overseas conflict, the number in Syria is higher than usual.

That is because the bulk of the Muslims we imported – so very foolishly – en masse from the 1970s onward are from the Levant, in particular, Lebanon. – CM

“There have been Australians serving as foreign fighters in a number of other conflicts, like Somalia most recently”, he told The World Today.

Somalia.  But if we had not admitted any Muslim ‘refugees’ from Somalia, there would have been no ‘Australians’ trotting off to wage jihad in Somalia. – CM

“But they’ve never been the largest group of Westerners. So Syria’s a little bit unusual. You have just a handful of Canadians and Americans, maybe a hundred or so British and French citizens.  But Australia has by far the largest number.”

‘Westerners’. ‘Canadians’. ‘Americans’. ‘British’.  ‘French’.  They may possess the passports of those countries; they may have been born in those countries, to Muslims engaged in Al-Hijra.  But they are not ‘Western’, or Canadian, or American, or British, or French, or Australian.  Indeed, insofar as they are devoted to the Cause of Islam, they are the sworn and declared and conscious enemies of everything that makes ‘the West’, or Australia, or France, or any part of the non-Muslim world, what it is.  – CM

‘Dr Malet says many Australians are joining the war in Syria because of family ties to the region.

No. Because they are Muslims. – CM

“Australia has an active, politically active Lebanese community (that is: an ever-more-jihad-minded Lebanese Muslim colony – I’d be awfully surprised if there were any Maronite Christians haring off to sign up with Al-Nusra, et al – CM) which happens to have a lot of local ties to the conflict in Syria”, he said.

“It just happens to be that people have relatives, have acquaintances back in home countries (hmmm – so Australia is not in fact ‘home’ for them? – CM) who can facilitate getting people across the border into Syria and have connections with some of the militant groups there.”

Looks to me like it was a very, very bad idea to import Lebanese Muslims into Australia. – CM

‘Blocking return could force fighters underground’.

And now he proceeds to the usual nonsense about how resisting Jihad causes Jihad. – CM

‘Dr Malet says Senator Carr’s concerns about radicalisation are justified.

“Some security officials from the European Union have looked at the smaller numbers of Europeans (Muslims from Europe - CM) who’ve gone and said not everyone’s radical (sic: in other words, ‘really ferociously fanatical’ ?- CM) when they go to Syria (really? I doubt it – CM) but most of them probably are when they come back”, he said.

‘Probably’?  I’d hazard the guess that there is no ‘probably’ about it.  They’re dangerous. Deadly dangerous.  And even those who do not appear dangerous, may in fact be or become dangerous. And so we must not, at all costs, permit them to return. And for good measure, a major cutback on the importation of more Muslims into Australia – or of any Muslims at all – would be a damn good idea.  When in hole, stop digging. – CM

“And we’ve seen some examples of the potential for blowback against Australia, before.

“You had four Australians (Dr Malet, for the 1000th time, these people are not Australians in any meaningful sense of the word – CM) who went to fight in Somalia and wanted to use their skills that they gained there to blow up the Holsworthy Army Barracks.

“So there’s certainly the potential and you can understand why any politician (and, my dear Dr Malet, any sensible and well-informed Australian non-Muslim with even a gram of commonsense and the instinct of self-preservation – CM) would say, “I’m not leaving anything to chance, let’s minimise the risk of anybody coming back and commiting a terrorist act”.

‘But Dr Malet says there would be legal problems with stopping Australian citizens from returning to Australia.

My dear sir: laws can be changed, and if it is about preventing atrocities such as Beslan or Westgate Mall or the bombing of All Saints’ Peshawar from being carried out by allahu-akbaring Muslims right here in Australia – and it is, for if nothing is done, then sooner or later, things just like that, or even worse, will assuredly be committed here – then the laws must be changed, and the laws, if people like me have any say in the matter at all, will be changed.  Australian non-Muslims need to take steps, fast, to protect themselves from the Global Jihad..which is not going to go away anytime soon. – CM

“It’s probably not legal. If somebody’s a citizen I don’t know that you can keep them from returning [to] Australia”, he said.

Like I said, laws can be changed. It looks like they need to be changed. We are dealing, here, with the active and openly-declared and manifestly-dangerous members of a Death Cult. – CM

“You could look at stripping them of their citizenship, which is what some Arab states have done to foreign fighters”.

Well?  It’s not such a bad idea.  Removal of citizenship, or the imposition of a sentence of Exile, or the declaring of someone to be officially Outlaw, is not entirely without precedent in the West, either. – CM

“But then they’re just sort of left floating out there on the global stage and they become a perpetual problem”.

Well?  So long as the gatekeepers and law enforcement of all non-Muslim states have their descriptions ready to hand, so as to prevent them from entering, or to identify and evict them if they manage to sneak in and are found lurking inside,  …or to shoot on sight if they come charging over the border with guns blazing, then, I really don’t see that there’s that much of a problem. – CM

‘Dr Malet says rather than blocking people from returning to Australia, the Government should monitor them after their return.

Vaste programme, monsieur.  A task without end, requiring many many watchers and hours and hours of time and vast amounts of money; and all the jihadis have to do is get lucky once, fly under the radar just once, and then tens or scores or hundreds or thousands of Australian non-Muslims will die, horribly.  You, Dr Malet, may think we have no choice but to ‘wear’ that possibility.  I disagree. I do not think we should tolerate it for a minute.  Even one Miriam Monsonego in Australia will be one too many.  – CM

“Most counter-terrorism operations actually involve just monitoring people until they become an imminent threat”, he said.

These blokes who have gone off to Syria to wage jihad are a threat, period. Right now, they are a threat. They are dangerous – bloody dangerous.  They are a Clear and Present Danger. And we can head it off, by not . letting. them. back. in. – CM

“So rather than driving people underground (oh yeah?  I’m so tired of this bleating ‘resisting jihad causes jihad’ nonsense. Let’s just resist jihad, with all our might, and let the chips fall where they may. – CM) it’s probably best just to keep a low profile and watch what they do”.

Until they blow up a church? Until they blow up the SCG?  Until they raid a Jewish school and – shrieking allahu akbar – blow children away with machine guns? – CM

‘Australian fighters ‘could come back home as recruiters’.

And he wants us to let them back in, and just ‘watch’ them?  Every word he says is making me more and more convinced that banning them from returning is an excellent idea. – CM

‘Dr Malet says Australians who are fighting in Syria at the moment are likely to be some of the most extreme (sic: let’s try some other words – like ‘piously Muslim’, ‘dangerous’ ‘murderous’ ‘infidel-hating’ – CM) of the fighters in civil conflicts like Syria.

Really? Then Australia should certainly adjust our laws so that we are able to prevent them from getting back in.  – CM

“I think probably the biggest danger is really they come home as recruiters”, he said.

And who, precisely, will they be ‘recruiting’, Mr Malet? And for what?  If they are going to be inciting to Jihad and recruiting for Jihad,  that is all the more reason to prevent them from returning.  – CM

“There’s a lot of evidence that foreign fighters have gone from places like Iraq and are seen as heroes in their local communities (that is: among the aggressive and expanding Muslim colonies now established all over the Dar al Harb – CM), seen to have credibility to inspire other people to go”.

Other people’. Other Muslims.  And not only to ‘go’ and kill infidels, or other-sect Muslims, or insufficiently-sharia-compliant Muslims, somewhere ‘over there’; there will be those who get all fired up to kill Infidels right here.  – CM

‘He says by monitoring activites the Government can keep track of recruitment activities in Australia.

“Most people don’t simply buy a plane ticket and go off by themselves. They are part of a broader community group, (yes indeed they are, my dear sir, they are part of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob; the nurturing and sheltering sea within which the jihadis swim and from which, ceaselessly, they emerge – CM), they interact with others online through their mosques and community institutions.

‘Their mosques’.  Mosques. Not synagogues, not churches, not temples, not sports clubs. Mosques, mosques, mosques.  Finally and at last, this bleating dhimmi allows us to see where the real problem lies.  I wonder whether this ‘expert’, with all his publications and his degrees, has ever bothered to read ex-Muslim Sam Solomon’s no-punches-pulled booklet, ‘The Mosque and Its Role in Society’?  Probably not. Too frightening. Too truthful.  – CM

“And that’s why I think it’s actually probably a safer bet to keep tabs on people

At what cost? And at what cost, when – as will inevitably happen  – someone, or more than one, slips through the net, evades this ever-more-expensive hands-off ‘monitoring’, and …kills, kills, kills? Let’s just cut the Gordian knot.  1/ Stop all known jihadis from returning into Australia, ever; cancel their citizenship if they have it, they belong in the dar al Islam, not here. 2/ Get cracking and find a way to stop Muslims, period, from entering Australia , henceforward.  There will then be a lot fewer ‘people’ – mosque-attending, piously-orthodox mohammed-emulating  jihad-minded Muslims – to be anxiously and expensively ‘monitored’. – CM

“because they’re always talking to someone about how to get involved.”

They don’t have to be on Australian soil, for us and other Infidels to be able to eavesdrop. – CM

“Then we can monitor, we can get intelligence about who is performing what activities, who is recruiting who, who conduits are for mobilisation and transport. And it’s probably better not to drive those sorts of conversations underground.”

To repeat: why, pray, do they have to be on Australian soil, for us to eavesdrop on ‘those sorts of conversations’??  Furthermore: strikes me that Mr Malet needs to read this Hugh Fitzgerald classic, ’95 Other Things that Fuel Muslim Extremism’ and he might realize that this whole silly business about how any serious action taken to put a spanner in the works of Jihad may cause more Muslims to Go Jihad, is …well..silly.

Let’s just get on with adjusting our laws – fast! – so that the jihad-minded battle-honed would-be mass-murderers of Infidels are prevented from getting back in through our gates, after they have been wallowing in the Syrian bloodbath.  And then we can get to work on the next step: figuring out how to stop importing Muslims into Australia, period.  Because the unpleasant reality is that the entire Muslim ummah within Australia constitutes a Fifth Column for the Global Jihad; many may be currently inactive, apparently quiescent, playing nice or keeping a low profile, while only a relative few are openly hostile, aggressive, imminently dangerous; but those proportions will change, and for the worse (from the Infidel POV) as and when the Ummah is permitted to become larger and stronger.  If there were in Australia no Muslims, no mosques, there would be a lot fewer potential jihad plotters, a lot fewer Soldiers of Allah; the only thing we’d have to worry about, within the gates, would be the various psychically marginal foolish or evil infidel Aussies who developed an unhealthy attraction to Islam via print or cyberspace.  – CM

Post scriptum. For more on our Dr David Malet, who thinks we should just meekly let the jihadis back in, and merely ‘watch’ with hands off…until something blows up? – here’s a version of his CV.  I observe, by the way, that  he has been through Georgetown, where John Esposito dutifully propagandises for the Cause of Islam.