Women in Islam according to the Koran & Hadiths


Thanks to Kenny  from the Tundra Tabloids  in Finland:

As a woman that fights for female rights and speaks out against the female genocide across the globe, I share this information to exposing what “allah” and Muhammad taught their men about women ~ Dawn Ellen

•Ghazali (p.2.34) Muhammad said, “Fear unchaste women because she will make you old before you grow old”…

•Ghazali (p.2.34) “Women are like crows; only a religious woman is like a crow with white belly among one hundred crows.”

Ghazali p.2.24 (Muhammad said): ”A prison in the corner of a house is better than a childless woman.

•Ghazali p.2.24 (Muhammad said): An ugly woman with children is better than a beautiful woman without children.” Allah Curses Women Who Beautify Themselves (It is a woman’s duty to satisfy her husband, if she refuses his call for sex she suffers “allah’s” wrath, until she surrenders to him sexually.)

•Sahih Muslim 24.5295 “Allah curses the women who wear false hair.”

•Sahih Muslim 24.5306 “Allah destroyed the Bani Israel people when their women wore false hair.”

•Sahih Bukhari 7.72.815 “Allah curses those women who practise tattooing and those women who get themselves tattooed or those women who manipulate their teeth to look beautiful.”

•Sahih Muslim 8.3367, 3368 “Allah gets displeased with the woman who does not immediately respond when her husband demands sex from her.”

•Sahih Bukhari 4.54.460 “The angels curse a woman for refusing to have sex with her husband.”

•Sunaan Abu Dawud 34.4226 “Gold necklaces and gold rings on a woman’s body are like fire put on her on the resurrection day.”

• Sunaan Abu Dawud 34.4218 “Women cannot wear bells on their legs. There is a devil along with each bell.”

•Sunaan Abu Dawud 32.4037 “Men’s perfume should have an odor but no color and women’s perfume should have color but no odor. This means that she should not wear any perfume while going out but she can wear a perfume when she is with her husband.”

•Sunaan Abu Dawud 2.0641 “Allah does not accept a woman’s prayer unless she prays wearing a veil.” A Woman Is A Storehouse Of Sex Organs.

• Ghazali p.2.43 “A woman has ten private parts. When she gets married, her husband covers one private part; when she dies the grave covers other nine private parts.” Allah Hates Women and Made Them Crooked

•Qur’an 43:18 “The weak personality of females cannot be associated with “allah”….“allah” does not like daughters (women).

•ibn Kathir: “Women are regarded as lacking something, which they make up for with jewelry and adornments from the time of childhood onwards, and when there is a dispute, they cannot speak up and defend themselves clearly, so how can this be attributed to allah?”

•Sahih Bukhari 7.62.114 “allah” created women from Adam’s rib; that is why she is crooked.

•Sahih Muslim 8.3466 “A woman is like a rib, if you straighten it you will break it and if you leave her alone you will benefit by her; her crookedness will remain in her.

•Sahih Muslim 8.3467 “allah” created women crooked: if you try to straighten her you will break her and breaking her is divorcing her.

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    1. The poster is right: Islam is indeed pathetic and prejudiced. Wish they would get a life, unfortunately they want to take ours. May God guide us all and destroy our enemies before they destroy us!

  1. @m

    Seriously? you find these quotes objectionable?

    Yet, not the 22,000 murders (all of whom at one time had a life to get.) and the DOCUMENTED assaults and rapes against women, especially in the West by muslims.

    May god guide and protect you from your willful blindness. The rest of us prefer to accept the ugly reality that is islam as it is.

    Stay in your hole covering your ears and closing your eyes if you do not like the truth.

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