Your children will not only kneel before Allah. They will murder those who refuse to kneel…

UK PM: “The Idea That ‘Your Children will Kneel before Allah’ is Ludicrous.” |

Daniel Greenfield/ FrontPage Magazine

Cameron is predictably tackling the easiest of strawmen in attacking the opposition to a mosque.

The Prime Minister accused opponents of the proposed mosque of spreading “ludicrous” rumours after “scaremongering” leaflets were delivered to homes in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. He said that “people in Chippy will see through this sort of nonsense”.

Mr Cameron said he condemned the group for “appalling behaviour, scaremongering and seeking to divide our community”. He added: “I support Muslims in Chipping Norton having somewhere to pray. The idea that this means ensuring ‘your children will kneel before Allah’ is ludicrous.”

But let’s take on the strawman.

Samantha Lewthwaite was the daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Christine (née Allen) Lewthwaite in Banbridge, County Down. She was a soldier’s daughter. Then she converted to Islam, married a Muslim terrorist and became consumed with that religion’s homicidal rage for non-Muslims.

Jordan Horner converted to Islam and began fighting to enforce Islamic law on non-Muslims.

Two Muslim converts, admittedly immigrants, beheaded a British soldier in broad daylight.

Richard Dart, an English convert to Islam, plotted to bomb the London Stock Exchange.

In Ireland, you’ve got Taliban Terry or Terry Kelly, who used to be a former altar boy. You can guess from his nickname what he does now.

And then you’ve got Don Stewart-Whyte. Not ringing any bells? Here’s a refresher…

Don Stewart-Whyte is the new face of terrorism. His father was active in England’s Tory Party, his sister is a leading model who was once married to French tennis star Yannick Noah and he is a recent convert to Islam.

The 19-year-old is one of 24 Britons arrested by police on suspicion of being involved in the terrorist plot to explode up to a dozen planes.

So yes. Your children will not only kneel before Allah. They will murder those who refuse to kneel.

Let’s for a moment imagine that Cameron’s and the mainstream construct of a “moderate” Islam and a tiny minority of extremists is correct. It’s clearly not. The polls in which a third and a quarter of British Muslims openly endorse terror against the UK show it’s nonsense.

But let’s assume for the sake of arguing with the delusional that only 1/3 of UK Muslims are “extremist”  and the rest are moderate.

Muslims aggressively engage in missionary activity. So it’s a given that the opening of a mosque in your area means that some of your children will indeed kneel to Allah.

For Cameron to deny this is impossible. It’s an entirely accepted form of religious freedom… in non-Muslim countries to proselytize.

Once a Brit converts to Islam, he takes on the fanaticism of the convert and tends to drift toward an uncompromising embrace of Islam.

He doesn’t just kneel to Allah, like Horner or Whyte or Taliban Terry or Sam the White Widow, he or she becomes obsessed with forcing his own fellow countrymen and women to do likewise. Their goal is to ensure that everyone’s children kneel to Allah or live as second-class citizens, forever deprived of full legal equality, as is the case in even supposedly moderate Muslim countries like Malaysia or Indonesia.

Even a supposedly moderate mosque is a gateway to this civil war. Even if its Imam is not Saudi trained, not funneling money to the Taliban or Hamas, and the local Muslim bookstore isn’t stocked with Al-Awlaki’s Greatest Hits, it’s still an open door pointing toward conflict.

We can try putting a percent on it and arguing over the exact percentage, but Cameron cannot deny the simple fact that the mosque opening statistically means that some local lads will convert and that some of them will drift toward terror abroad or at home.

And that means he cannot deny that the area would not be safer without a mosque. Every mosque increases civil unrest with its presence. It would be nice if that weren’t so, but it is. Even if it is not actively promoting the Jihad, by propagandizing for Islam it is recruiting converts who are then entirely likely to drift off into terror.

You wouldn’t want even a moderate biker gang or a moderate drug shop in your neighborhood. Because we’re all familiar with the concept of gateway drugs and feeders. A mosque is no different. It’s a feeder. Even if it’s not overtly selling Jihad, its Dawah is a gateway drug for the real thing.

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