ZAKY Mallah’s aim is to die in Syria

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So who is ZAKY Mallah, you ask?

Well, he was the first to be acquitted on terrorism charges in 2005. Zaky Mallah planned a suicide attack on Federal government offices in Sydney. Look at this bleeding hearts puff piece from  the Sydney Moonbat Herald:

Not a terrorist, just an angry loner starved of attention

 ….a jury in the NSW Supreme Court accepted the 21-year-old never intended to kill anyone and was just an angry loner who resented the Government for denying him a passport and allegedly oppressing Muslims in Australia.

So where is Zaky now?

Zaky wants to kill and die  in Syria.SafariScreenSnapz081He is one of up to 200 Australians who have gone to Syria in what Australian Federal Police have said is a “game changer” for national security.


Zaky Mallah Finally Arrested

Lebanese/Australian Zaky Mallah, has finally been arrested on Terrorist Charges,… after being on the Watch list for years. Oz jihadist charged for issuing ‘how-to survive’ holy war list on Facebook …

4 thoughts on “ZAKY Mallah’s aim is to die in Syria”

  1. our zaky has posted a video on You Tube Sheik.

    If this dog doesn’t like Australia- why is he here?

  2. Zaky was “taken into care” by the Infamous Mr Trad and the Mob at Lakemba Mosque following his first known brush with Australian Law,(all records of mine re same are at this time are unreachable but I am still looking)
    Trad is a member of those amiable, Their ABC Q & A, Ch Ten’s The Project ” Sydney Writers Festival Celebrity Muslim Types , the Go To guy’s for Australia’s “progressive Media” when they need an unbiased opinion on what Australians should do to placate Muslims and to stop them and their ALP Green Loon supporters and facilitators from calling non Muslim Australians Racists.

    Trad and the Mob at Lakemba ,via print & electronic media,told Australian’s that the Mob at Lakemba would take their Zaky under their wing. ….. and that was all that was needed to be said for the Mob’s progressive media’s sycophants and Islamic Sociopath’s Inc. apologists and Labor Green Loon Progressive “Harmony Day” groupies to issue their standard proclamation of “Nothing to see here” (… except for the usual RACISTS who objected to Zaky expressing his faith and culture in a way that was “confronting” to traditional Australian values.

    Well Trad and the Mob must be very proud of the manifestations of their handy work over the past seven or so years.

    When TOO Much Moderate Islam is barely enough along comes Zaky.

    Cannot wait to hear of Dick Smith (aka. The Electronic Dick and Professional Australian) and the former Mid Day Show’s”everybody loves” Ray Martin’s plans to set up a “Bring our Zaky home” “Free Zaky Now” “Zaky YES Racists NO” campaign with the Islamic Terrorist apologists,their ABC / SBS,SMH,Channel’s 10 , 9 & 7 and the usual cabal of “Harmony Day” Australia Haters.

    How long before the “Moderate Islam”Mob at Lakemba deliver Sydney / Australia OUR first “911” Harmony Day?

    Identification+ Internment + Repatriation to an Islamic Utopia of their choosing (eg Iran,Iraq, Saudi Arabia,Libya) equals a return to a free and SAFE Australia.

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