2013 Eid al-Adha: Fun For the Whole Family!

Here, some ‘beautiful’ pic’s from the great event:


More on that Mohammedan Love Fest in Mecca:

Mourning of Muharram  (Moonbattery)

According to the ideology of our ruling class, all religions are equivalent, except that Islam is righteous and Christianity stinks. So let’s honor Islam this Sunday with this heartwarming picture of a young Religion of Peacenik celebrating the Mourning of Muharram:


If little kids will do that to themselves in Islamic culture, it’s no surprise that adults have no qualms about flying airliners into office towers.

Of course children aren’t born embracing Islam…


…but before long they get caught up in the spirit:


Malleable young minds can be made to embrace most anything. That’s why Gramscian communists have made control of education and the media such a high priority in the USA, with such alarming success that we now have a Marxist president.