Abbott goes down in the first round

It was the first opportunity Tony Abbot had to get in the ring with SBY and show him we are not prepared to have our immigration policy dictated to us by a corrupt third world nation. But our Tony didn’t land a punch… instead, he threw in the towel.


Australians who have pride in their country will be disgusted and ashamed at what transpired today. Only the Greens will be elated.

An encouraging message has been sent to the people smugglers.

The message is that we are pushovers and have lost face… and there is no worse message we could have sent to an Islamic nation.

A timely opportunity was lost for Abbott to show the strength and determination necessary to deal with those who have no respect for our sovereignty.

The people on that boat who sabotaged its engine within sight of the Indonesian shoreline had flown into Jakarta Airport with passports.

Indonesian Customs were fully aware of their intentions, so too were the cooperative military and the Indonesian government.

Yet they promote, and continue to profit from, the invasion of our borders.

This was Tony Abbott’s first real test as leader, and he has failed it!

3 thoughts on “Abbott goes down in the first round”

  1. If the boat was in Indonesian waters, let it sink.

    Why the ##### is Australia picking up more Muslim freeloaders?

  2. Perhaps the Mad Monk was lying when he said he was going to turn the boats around.. all pollies are liars so i wouldn’t read too much into it.

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