Al BeBeeCeera Caught Promoting George Soros Pro-Muslim, Pro-Somali Cartoon Propaganda

The BBC’s Pro-Muslim Immigration Propaganda

From the biased BBC

We all know that George Soros is a ‘philanthropist’  who works for ‘the greater good’ of whatever that is; and


Pounce spotted an extraordinary piece of BBC propaganda in the BBC Magazine.

It tells the story of Somali immigrants to Norway.


First thing to note is that this is not an article in the magazine, the cartoon is placed, in prime position, without explanation, there is no attempt to explain what the cartoons are supposed to say, who produced them, nor who the audience is supposed to be.

It is therefore, as said, pure propaganda….because it does of course have a message.

The question you then ask is….who produced the cartoon, and then you ask why?

Who is easy……a small link at the bottom of the cartoon leads you to the ‘Open Society Foundations’.


Who runs and funds that?  George Soros.

So the BBC is placing Soros propaganda on its website without even attempting to make the pretence that it is part of an article or report.

Soros is a multi-billionaire…who massively funds political groups that he favours…notably the Democrats commies in the US amongst many others around the world trying to topple governments he doesn’t like.

The second question is what are these cartoons for?  Who is the intended audience?

On the OSF’s website you find this:

Through research and advocacy, the At Home in Europe project focuses on advancing equality for groups that are excluded from the mainstream of civic, political, and cultural life in Western Europe—including Europe’s Muslims and white working-class communities.

Muslims excluded?  Really?….if at all….only by their own tendencies and religious convictions.

Here is the cartoon site:

Meet the Somalis    The illustrated stories of Somalis in seven cities in Europe

Meet the Somalis is a collection of 14 illustrated stories depicting the real life experiences of Somalis in seven cities in Europe: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Leicester, London, Malmo, and Oslo.

Unfortunately it’s a very selective, narrow collection of stories….ones designed to paint a picture of desperate immigrants battling prejudice.

But who is that ‘audience’?  It can’t be recalcitrant Somalis..because it is in English (and because as the cartoons tell us….there are no really recalcitrant Somalis)….therefore the supposition must be that the audience is intended primarily to be the natives of the countries receiving the Somali immigrants….in other words propaganda.

Not surprising when you see who is running the programme:

Nazia Hussain   Director, At Home in Europe Project

A Muslim…..not going to be exactly neutral going by the experience of ‘professional’ Muslims in the UK like Mehdi Hasan…and looking at the cartoons that is bared out….

The intention is to show how wonderful the Somalis are, how willing to integrate, but thwarted in that wish by a prejudiced native population and harassment by the police.

Look at some of the stories….the one on the BBC pages, or Malmo or the Netherlands for instance….Western culture is often derided, the police are always harassing them, Islam is the answer to everything…but you know what….the Somalis all really, really want to integrate and become good Norwegians or Swedes or Dutchmen.

No mention of terrorism, rapes, crime, drugs, anti-Semitism or any other difficulties arising from Somali immigration.

Just out and out propaganda published by an extremist left wing organisation and given prominent ‘top billing’ in the BBC Magazine.