ASIO discovers way more than a ‘tiny minority of excremists’ in ….Australia!

Why on earth did we let in this danger?

Andrew Bolt

A more restrictive immigration program would not have exposed us to the utterly avoidable danger spelled out in ASIO’s latest report:

This year ASIO: 

investigated several hundred mostly Australia-based individuals who are advocates of a violent Islamist ideology;managed the security threat posed by individuals working with al-Qa‘ida affiliated groups…

Throughout 2012–13, Australia’s security environment continued to evolve, with the terrorism threat posed by traditional extremist networks and groups being compounded by the threat from self-radicalising lone actors..

In Australia, there are individuals and small groups who believe an attack here is justified. Issues such as Australia’s military deployments over the last decade, the Syrian conflict, or a belief that the ideals
of Australia are in direct conflict with their extreme interpretation of Islam, fuel the radical views of this cohort….

The Syrian conflict has resonated strongly in Australia and is likely to have a lasting impact on Australia’s security environment for the foreseeable future.

Several hundred” advocates of “a violent Islamist ideology”? Most of them in Australia?

Not exactly the “tiny minority” that apologists claim. Who the hell let them in?

(Via Michael Smith.)

How did such a person with such an excuse emerge among us?

Andrew Bolt


He was one of the Muslims who rioted in Sydney against an American YouTube film Innocence of Muslims:

Omar Halaby, 18, pleaded guilty in the same court to smashing the windscreen of a police vehicle with a milk crate.

For some bizarre reason, we’d been paying this man a disability pension since he was just 16:

HE has no trouble smashing police car windscreens with milk crates but it seems Muslim rioter Omar Halaby is not fit to work, receiving a $200-a-fortnight disability support pension.

sharia in Australia

The 19-year-old from Padstow last week escaped with a good-behaviour bond for his role in September’s violent Muslim protest in the CBD – partly because of remorse, his previous clean record and health issues he suffers that include sporting injuries and literacy problems…

In documents tendered to the Downing Centre Local Court, Legal Aid lawyer Sophie Edin said Halaby suffered from “certain disabilities” which had seen him claim the pension for the past three years…

How disabled was he really?

While the taxpayer supports accused rioter Omar Halaby, he spruiks about terrorism and illegal drugs on his Facebook page – and even does the odd day’s work on a construction site, despite receiving a disability pension.

How surprising. He’s in court again:

Halaby, 19, of Padstow, pleaded guilty to using offensive language and resisting arrest over an incident on the corner of Bryant St and Gibson Ave in Padstow on September 21.

A familiar story of a thug using Islam to excuse himself:

During the car stop last month he was a passenger in a BMW and shouted out of the car window “f . . . off dog c . . . .” to police officers involved in another incident, police alleged. When the car was stopped Halaby continued his tirade, refusing to get out of the car. “Make me. I’m f . . . . . . not getting out of the car. Youse don’t have any intell to pull this car over,” he is alleged to have said.

He refused to give officers his name or any details 10 times and one officer knocked away a Coca-Cola can Halaby was crushing in his hand, with his chest puffed out in an “aggressive stance”, fearing it could be used as a weapon.

At Bankstown Police Station he refused to be fingerprinted by a female officer. “Don’t f . . . . . . touch me, my religion says women aren’t allowed to touch me, don’t touch me you f . . . . . . bitches,” he is alleged to have said.

What family, what culture, produced such a person?

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  1. No consequences for this dangerous Omar cretin so like most Islamists he is emboldened.
    Great website for all things Islam with nice clear layout. I visit regularly.

  2. This is the type of real twat that could provide the script for a very ironic piece of satire!
    The only satire that one gets is on the web!
    It’s time for Islamosatirical TV programs to be formulated!

  3. Hellosnackbar, I totally agree. We need a TV chanel to expose the Islamists in Australia. This rotten scumbag will live on welfare and when he finally get’s his shit together and blows people up the government will have everything to do with it. they know who he is, they know what he stands for and they are clearly supporting him!

  4. To me, and to many who know what is going on in the parts of the world who are watching their countries slowly being taken over by this creeping sharia plague, there is only one solution, ‘DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS NOW’
    I am not racist, but I hate the poisonous mental disease called Islam.
    If those who come to Australia are prepared to renounce Islam, they are welcome, but if not, say bye bye.

  5. This type of prick is perfect for alerting non-muslims to the true face of Islam. Let’s have more reporting on this cretin – under cover filming of him defrauding the pension when he works on a building site etc.

    I LOVE pricks like Halaby – they will be responsible for showing the true face of Islam.

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