Charlie’s Jihad

Charlie Cooper explains jihad

The Jihad blog, part 1  thanks to Mullah

Charlie holds an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from King’s College, London, and a BA in Arabic from the University of Edinburgh. Currently, he is working at Quilliam Foundation.  (Hello Tommy!)

Charlie is (also) regularly contributing to the Next Century Foundation’s Iran blog, which means he is another stooge for the mullah regime and a likely convert to Islam.

He has lived in Damascus and “traveled extensively in the Middle East.”

And here’s what he learned:

  • Jihad is misunderstood
  • Those who oppose jihad are “pseudo-militant rightists who exaggerate beyond measure”
  • In fact, they are just like the jihadists and they “thrive off a Manichean conception of the world in which Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilisations“.
  • Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch (is)  flagrantly anti-Muslim, more useful as a means of promoting and selling inflammatory books….
  • “Islamist violence is based on misinterpretation of religion and not religion itself…”
  • The Ayman al-Zawahiris and Pamela Gellers of the world are somehow equally “extremist”….

No wonder the UK is in such deep shiite!


The education system is complicit:

For a more reality based approach, watch this:

Silent Conquest

Think Charlie would change his mind if he sees this? I won’t hold my breath:

It’s Unanimous!… 100% of Muslim Attendees at ‘Peace Conference’ Agree That Stoning Is OK (GWP)


Check this out…
At the Norwegian Islamic Peace Conference attendees agree that stoning for adultery is OK.
It was a unanimous vote!

From the video:

Muslim “peace conference” in Norway confirming that all muslims want murder by stoning method, not only radicals. Muslim ask, “what shall media and politicians say now, shall they deport us?”