Down Under, Free Speech is “Hate Speech”

Law reform will promote hate speech: The Australian

Red ratbags and Green subversives cling to archaic ‘hate speech’ laws to protect their fav minorities. In reality, the sane majority needs protection from this madness:

FEDERAL government plans to rejig racial discrimination laws to favour freedom of speech have met with passionate opposition from those who say the changes will open a door to voicing hatred. –

ned kelly

“When Senator Brandis says that repealing these laws is in the interests of freedom of speech, what he really means is freedom to engage in public hate speech,” shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus said in a statement. –

Greens spokesman for multiculturalism Richard di Natale says he and his colleagues will vote against any attempts to weaken laws that protect people from “vile acts of hate speech”.

“What message does this send to Australians born overseas? Many still confront racism on a daily basis,” Senator di Natale said.

Australia doesn’t need any spokesturd for multiculturalism. Di Natale needs to be defunded and ejected at once. My whole family is born overseas. Our problem isn’t racism. Our problem are the  enemies of free speech: leftist totalitarians and  the soldiers of allah.


One thought on “Down Under, Free Speech is “Hate Speech””

  1. “vile acts of hate speech” are being delivered every day from mosques all over the world. We just want the same right to critisise the people denegrating us.
    This is called equality. Something politicians don’t seem to understand.

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