Her Royal Majesty’s Headchopper

The Queen is to appoint aristocrat who converted to Islam as her High Sheriff

Would you be surprised?


America’s black queen of schlocktalk thinks whitey has to die out:  

Hollyweird Mogul thinks America is not good enough for the Obamessiah:

How did this putz get a permit to settle in the U.S. of A?

Nashville Imam Supports Murder of Women who are Unmarried Non-Virgins

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A local Imam, Mohamed Alsherif, slightly changed his name from Mohamed Ahmed, for reasons unknown, after slipping up and saying that if a woman who is not married is not a virgin, it is cause for an “honor killing.” He was describing the culture of Islam and how different it is from our American culture, to a group at the Islamic Center of Nashville.

Go to 37:05 on above video.

If “moderate Muslims” believe in “honor killings”…which are against our Constitution, how can we coexist? In our law, murdering your daughter is illegal, it’s punishable by death or lifelong imprisonment. Shariah Law allows murdering your daughter, along with beating or murdering your wife. This is one example of how Shariah Law and The Constitution cannot co-exist. It is also an example of how Islam is not just a “religion”. It is a legal system, a military and a political system. Its practices cannot coexist with the American culture that protects each citizen from violence or murder.

Imam Mohamed Alsherif’s mosque is where your school children go on school field trips.

Story here.

Oh, and…Mohamed Alsherif, aka Mohamed Ahmed has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Story to come.

Go to UnderstandingTheThreat.com for more info.


Read more at http://victoriajackson.com/10095/nashville-imam-supports-murder-girls#sjosCO12iZ78Hh16.99

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  1. Question for Mohamed Alsherif,
    Do you ever think muslims will be mature enough to accept that some of us just don’t like your ideology? That we don’t believe your god exists and that we don’t want to live in a shariah country, which is why we don’t?
    Will there ever be a day when we can say: That’s rubbish (as we do all the other religions) and you lot will just shrug and say, well I don’t like your ideology either.

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