Homo Marriage: the only thing that’s holding up Australian progress

That’s why the barking Moonbats from “our ABC” are going to any length to ram homo marriage down our collective throats. That and ‘globull worming’. You know the one where ‘the science is settled’ and the climate changes when we are taxed for breathing. (And farting.)

Emissions trading, anyone?

Bill Muehlenberg takes issue with their nefarious agenda:

Our ABC Lie Makers

No culture ever promoted and recognised homosexual marriage until the Netherlands became the first nation on earth to do so in 2001. Up until then, no nation officially and publically recognised homosexual marriages. Yet you would never realise this if you just went by this scurrilous ABC “fact checker”.

ABC fact checkers reach new depths: gay marriage defended because Nero did it

The extra grant Labor gave the ABC this year for a ”Fact Check” unit was a complete waste of money. It’s gone to yet another Leftist cell largely devoted to exposing conservative motes while overlooking Leftist beams.

Worse, it seems to have trashed the facts to push propaganda.

Perversion Promo:

Perversion Promotion: Paedophilia Comes Out of the Closet 

So now the APA is telling us paedophilia is just another orientation one is born with. OK, so I guess I will see all of you at next year’s inaugural Paedophile Pride March. Be there or be square.

Germany to legally recognise third gender

Babies born without clear gender-determining characteristics can soon be registered without a sex on birth certificates. Germany is set to become the first European country to recognise the third gender, known as intersex. Babies born there without clear gender-determining characteristics can now be registered without a sex on their birth certificates.

Pedophilia Now Classified As Sexual Orientationpedophile-2

After years of bullying, intimidation and activist pressure by the militant homosexual lobby, the American Psychiatric Association caved in, and took homosexuality off its list of mental disorders (DSM) in 1973. Of course we all knew that this was bad news for many reasons. Not only was it another step in normalising what can be only described as an abnormal and unhealthy behaviour, but it opened the door for every other kinky sex group in the country to follow suit.  (Here’s more)

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  1. Consenting Adults leaves no room for the rape of children.

    While the APA may recognise that some people are sexually attracted to children, and that this is not in itself a crime, there has been no condoning of rape or harrassment in any form.

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