In Obamastan, an Afghan Loya Jirga votes on U.S. policy (not congress)

There are no accidents in Obamastan


John “unbelievably small”  Kerry’s Negotiating Skllz

If the Loya Jirga Votes on the US Treaty with A-Stan, Shouldn’t the US Congress?


In Afghanistan, a Loya Jirga made up of 3000 illiterate, radical headbangers, decide U.S. foreign policy. Since the stoning of adulterous women is one of their sacred customs, that is now also U.S. foreign policy.

Unless a small group of upstart US senators gets traction, our own representatives are assumed to be a rubber stamp for Obama’s latest blunder abroad. Or so it seems. As quoted by the New York Times, Kerry’s concern is limited to whether the agreement passes muster with the loya jirga, that world- renowned embodiment of sharia justice and tribal enlightenment.

“We have agreed on the language that would be submitted to a loya jirga, but they have to pass it,” Mr. Kerry said.Read More from Diana West »

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