“Let no Muslim be killed because of an infidel”

Arguing that Muslim blood is more precious than infidel blood, Muslim clerics in and out of Sudan are outraged because a Sudanese court has condemned a Muslim man to death—simply because he murdered a non-Muslim, the American diplomat John Granville on January 1, 2008.


“Allah has honored human beings over creation and multiplied the Muslim’s honor over the infidel’s, because Islam elevates and nothing is elevated above it. The value of the blood of Muslims is equal, or should be, but not so the value of the blood of others.”  (The Koran itself, e.g., 2:221, confirms this idea that even the lowliest Muslim is superior to any non-Muslim.) Read more, here….

Wrong Head

Even The New York Times Has Had To Take Note Of The Severed Head 

Here: Beheading in Syria Is Called a Mistake

And by degrees, people in the Western world are associating Islam, Muslims, with incessant aggression, violence, and grotesque behavior of every sort. And this despite the best efforts of so many to pretend it isn’t so, to deflect attention, to distract, to set up a fog of Taqiyya and Tu-Quoque. It’s not working any more. Something has happened to the Western collective psyche, and now Islam, and Muslims, or more exactly  those Muslims who take Islam most to heart  — in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in Iraq and Syria, in Nigeria and Sudan and Somalia, in Libya and Yemen and Egypt, and in London and Paris and New York, too, where they do not now possess the power to act as so many of them would if they could, but for now must content themselves wiith attempting to put obstacles in the path of Infidel understanding — are doing great damage to Islam, as their wars, their rapes and killings, their conspiracy theories, their cruel ways, are brought constantly to the attention of the world.