Londonistan: Slaveholders shared a “political ideology”.

What a relief! Nothing to do with Islam then?

Three women ‘held as slaves’ in south London

Three “highly traumatised” women are alleged to have been held against their will for 30 years – with one born in captivity


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A woman who was born into captivity and allowed no contact with the outside world is one of three ‘slaves’ who have been rescued after being kept against their will in a south London house for 30 years, the police revealed on Thursday.

A man and a woman, both aged 67, were arrested after officers from Scotland Yard were alerted to the plight of the three women last month.

The pair, who have not been named by police, were later “bailed until a date in January pending further enquiries”, Scotland Yard said in a statement in the early hours of Friday morning.

Detectives from the human trafficking unit said it was the worst case of modern slavery they had ever come across in Britain.

The slavers were immigrants: Muslim?

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe
Not much is being said about the identity of the two people arrested for suspected enslavement. Probably because they’re third-worlders and it’s against journalistic PC code to reveal that. Note this information in the Guardian, though. They are believed to have committed “immigration offences”.

The police are not investigating the women being trafficked. But the suspects are believed to have committed immigration offences.

Source: Guardian

The eldest victim was from Malaysia, an Islamic country. The Guardian says she “joined the suspects at their home more than 30 years ago”, implying it might have been voluntary, at least initially, as you might expect if they were from the same country.


More on this.

The suspects, both 67, are of Indian and Tanzanian origin and came to the UK in the 1960s, police said. They have been released on bail to a date in January.

Source: Guardian

They shared a “political ideology”.

Two of the three women allegedly held for 30 years as slaves had lived in a political collective with their captors, police have disclosed.

Metropolitan police commander Steve Rodhouse told reporters that two of the alleged victims met the male suspect in London through a shared political ideology and began living together in a “collective”.

They lived in a colonised area where no one spoke to one another.

Meanwhile, as officers stood guard on Saturday at the three-storey block in Stockwell, neighbours spoke of their shock. One local resident, Abdul Rogers, said many people living in the area did not speak to each other. “It’s really shocking,” he said. “It’s a kind of quiet area. I don’t even know my next-door neighbour. If I met them on the street now I would not be able to tell it was my next-door neighbour, which is not good for community cohesion. Nobody speaks to each other.”

3 thoughts on “Londonistan: Slaveholders shared a “political ideology”.”

  1. Closest neighbour’s named ABDUL, eh? Malaysia and an increasingly large part of India are infested with islamitis.

    Quick Note to The Filth in Charge:

    Islam is NOT a “political” ideology (unless one regards the way the Mafia governs Sicily as a valid form of “politics”)!

    Politics has been best defined as “power-trading” but in islam there’s absolutely no give-and-take trading, it’s all take, allah the time! And at worst politics has been described as the art of delaying making decisions until the reason for making them has passed – which also does not apply to islam.

    Islam is EXTORTION, plain and simple, with an added, pseudo-“religious,” God-blaming excuse for its members’ own crimes.

    And extortion is always a crime!

  2. Tanzian, read Indian (Muslim?)

    Yeah, yeah, we all know that when no name is given for any adult it means Muslim.

  3. PS: The local papers now assert they’re a collective of “communists” BUT THEY STILL WON’T NAME THE PERPS, EVEN THOUGH THEY’VE BEEN OFFICIALLY ARRESTED AND PROCESSED (which means their names are open public information/in the public domain)!

    Vile, enemedia traitors!!

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