Pal Arab Savage kills Israeli soldier on bus, Hamas celebrates….

Exterminate the brutes!

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Soldier, 19, stabbed to death in his sleep by Palestinian Arab Muslim on bus

An Israeli soldier died after he was stabbed multiple times in the neck Wednesday morning by a Palestinian youth on a bus at the central bus station in Afula.

381x214xeden-atias.jpg.pagespeed.ic.lC1dlLEy45Eden Atias was still in training. (Times of Israel)

The soldier, 19-year-old Eden Atias of Nazareth Illit, was evacuated to the city’s Haemek Hospital. Doctors operated on him in an attempt to stabilize his condition but he succumbed to his injuries a few hours later.
Eyewitnesses said Atias was sleeping in his seat on the bus when he was attacked.

Hamas spokesturd Fawzy Barhoom celebrates murder of IDF soldier


He was murdered while sleeping on a bus. And Barhoom hopes there will be many more such murders. “Hamas Spokesman Celebrates the Murder of an IDF Soldier,” from the IDF Blog, November 13:

When Hamas spokesperson Fawzy Barhoom heard that an Israeli 19-year-old soldier had been murdered, he publicly lauded the terrorist who committed the attack, and encouraged other young Palestinians to carry out similar attacks.

Kerry, you turd!

Kerry Supported Gaza Flotilla Members


How British and American aid subsidises Palestinian terrorism

US and UK taxpayers fund the Palestinian Authority, which in turn funds prisoners in Israeli jails. It’s dangerously dysfunctional. (From the Grunard of all places!)

Mufti: Jerusalem is ‘Islamic’

He accuses Israel of trying to take over the mosque.
“The radical settlers continue the daily damage to the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque,” Hussein wrote in a statement. “They burst into the territory of the Al Aqsa Mosque and pray in it.
“The city of Al Quds [Jerusalem – DH] has an Islamic character and the occupation will not be able to take away its character and identity, even if it continues commiting crimes and forging the facts.”

Daniel Pipes: The silver lining of Obama’s weak America

That the socialist French government of François Hollande just blocked a bad deal with Tehran, emerging as the hero of the Geneva negotiations, is on one level a huge surprise. But it also follows logically from the passivity of the Obama administration.
American foreign policy is in unprecedented free-fall, with a feckless and distracted White House barely paying attention to the outside world, and when it does, acting in an inconsistent, weak, and fantastical manner. If one were to discern something so grand as an Obama Doctrine, it would read: “Snub friends, coddle opponents, devalue American interests, seek consensus, and act unpredictably.”