Strange Looks, Strange Behaviour: freed French hostages could have been ‘Islamised’ during captivity

Freed French hostages could have been ‘Islamised’ during captivity

Were French hostages released by Al Qaeda for £17m? | Mail Online

Astonishing suggestion that freed French hostages could have been ‘Islamised’ like Homeland character emerge during interview with far-right  Marine Le Pen,  leader of the National Front.

article-2479860-1914BD1D00000578-466_634x457Back on home soil: French President Francois Hollande centre) with the freed hostages (from r to l) Daniel Larribe, Pierre Legrand, Thierry Dol and Marc. The four released by Al-Qaeda may have been ‘Islamized’ like the anti-hero in the TV series Homeland, it was suggested today

The four men, who were held in Niger four more than three years, looked uncomfortably Islamic when they got back to France on Wednesday.

Pierre Legrand, 28, Thierry Dol, 32, Daniel Larribe, 62, and Marc Feret, 46 were all captured in September 2010 during raids on a uranium mine near Arlit, northern Niger, where they were working for nuclear giant Areva.

Ms Le Pen said she was ‘uneasy’ about the look the four men who were photographed arriving back on France soil.

Asked on French radio to explain exactly what she meant, Ms Le Pen said: ‘You understand perfectly well what I’m saying, because I think many French people felt the same way.

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4 thoughts on “Strange Looks, Strange Behaviour: freed French hostages could have been ‘Islamised’ during captivity”

  1. Two members of Greeks Golden Dawn nationalist movement murdered

    I suspect that left wing scum (who are notoriously violent) or muslims are responsible. It should be noted that the left wing scum are also most likely the ratbags that murdered the muzz for which Golden Dawn has been held as responsible by the iresponsible press. Do not expect to see the jerks in the media reporting the murder of these two youg men in any honest light.

    At the Battle of Dien Bien Phu approximately 3,000 Vietnamese and approximately 10,000 French prisoners were taken by the Viet Minh. Some French prisoners conciously chose to give the impression they were colaborating with their captors, in order to survive. They did survive and went on to later serve their country in Algeria.
    In North Vietnam a nineteen year old US serviceman, victim of a man-overboard incident, with minimal tactical knowledge of value to his Vietnamese Communist captors, followed the standing code of conduct of number, rank, name, date-of-birth and was tortured to death by his captors. In my humble opinion his was a needless death for the want of better training.
    The French civilian, non-combatant captives recently released by their Muslim captors stand accused of appearing too Islamised. Who are we, or any one else, including their accuser, to judge without further detailed information?

  3. agree sc. these folks have had a tough time – better to find the muslims who abused them and then deal with these parasites appropriately.

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