“Stupid, stupid, stupid…”

Whipping Up Hysteria (PartII)

Shrieking harpies from the Cairns fishwrap (Grace Uhr & Andree Stephens) tried to whip up hysteria over an act of vandalism on the gate of the towns only mosque.


Graffiti is a scourge and vandalism is a crime. That’s it. (sheik yer’mami)

Having said that, there is no justification for it. But there is no reason for anyone to bow and scrape to the local imam or to prostrate himself before a mosque. None whatsoever.

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The journaillie here in QLD is so intelligent, so sophisticated, they do their best to make  the rest of us look like a bunch of unwashed redneck hicks. Prostrating themselves to Islam, how good is that?  But apart from a few PC types, the usual suspects (social raiser Gavin King & washed up MP Warren Entsch) there wasn’t much  rage to be had.  The imam should be happy: he got lots of free promo, a few seconds on TV and assurances from the  multiculi establishment  to continue with his da’awa. We’re looking forward to many conversions!

Not one Letter to the Editor (and we know there were a few because we  know the people who send them) sceptical of this pathetic dog and pony show was printed in the Cairns Pest. (Misspelling intended)

So we print them here:

Geoff sez:

Dear Grace,
I read your article about the graffiti incident and agree it is not acceptable.
However there is a rising concern with Australians as they observe many Muslims don’t integrate.
The reason is simple and comes from the mosque teachings.
  • Mohammed taught Muslims not to integrate and to fight Jihad.
  • Islamic Sharia law also teaches Muslims to hate and fight unbelievers and not integrate.
  • The spiritual figureheads of both Sunni and Shia Islam teach the same as Mohammed and Sharia law.
  • Surely then many Muslims will follow these teachings and they do.
  • A mosque is not like a church but is modelled on mosques in Medina at the time of Mohammed.
  • Mosques were command centres, places to deal out Sharia punishments and plan warfare.
This is still true today.
A survey of mosques in the USA found that 81% taught violent Jihad.
Saudi Arabia funds most mosques in Australia and the USA so it is likely the same percentage applies here.
One more from Geoff:
So far I have received no replies to my emails to the Cairns Post and probably wont.
Also I have had hostile responses from people I know in Cairns as they don’t believe they have a problem.
It is obvious that “Going Troppo” has affected rational thinking and the Crocodile Principle reigns supreme.
“If you are nice to the crocodile he will eat you last”.

Raoul sez:

Churches, temples and synagogues in Islamic countries would be happy
to suffer only from criminal nutcases spraying graffiti. Sadly a large
and growing number of Muslims follow the prescriptive instructions of
the Koran and regularly burn down, bomb and  shoot  the places where
Christians, Hindus, Buddhist and Jews congregate. Preferably while
many non-believers are in the building.

But how can a few thousand non-believers murdered and many more maimed
each year by the orthodox followers of Islam possibly compare with
such a heinous act of vandalism in Cairns?  How many lines did you
write for the 200 Christians murdered in their church in Peshawar last

This venerable newspaper would do well to put these matters into a
reasoned and balanced perspective. After all, Islam has a seriously
bad reputation with people all around the world for good reason. To
simply ignore these facts does not benefit anyone.

Perhaps it could help us all to work through the problems with Islam
if we speak more openly about our concerns. We didn’t make inroads
into combating HIV/AIDS by not openly speaking about the underlying

Update from Debbie:

The recent graffiti attack on the Cairns mosque has created a cacophony of protest. While the vandalism is reprehensible, the public response is out of proportion to the actual event. Which makes me wonder do the locals in the Cairns community understand more about the true nature of Islam than we give them credit for?
In the case of Andree Stephens “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

More coming, stay tuned!

Btw: Andree twitters!

And she likes to gorge herself when its free:


Update from the UK: no further comments…