The BDS hatred of all things Israel knows no bounds.

Remember the outrage if a sticker is placed on a Halal food product warning about the certification tax?
A religious tax that has proven links to funding terrorism is OK (apparently)
  • A sticker on a pack of dates grown in Israel is acceptable.
  • Of course the “west bank” of Judea and Samaria are called occupied territories.
About two decades ago sheik Khalid bin Mahfouz bribed the Irish government to open the floodgates to Islamists.
The poor sheik was found guilty of funding terrorism in the USA but found refuge in Ireland with a 30 million bribe.
Dublin now boasts its position as center for Fatwa research for Europe lead by luminaries such as Yusuf al-Qaradawi.
Irish abattoirs became rampant throat slitters providing British Muslims with Halal meat at a time when British law prevented meat from unstunned throat slitting.
Both the Irish Independent and Irish Times are now advertising agencies for Islamic dawah.

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    1. They can’t be serious:

      ‘…please inform your Cardiologist to ensure that a Balloon Expandable Stent is NEVER used. Request open heart surgery!’


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