The nonstop kidnapping and plundering of Egypt’s Christian Copts

So much for the “protection” that dhimmies enjoy under Muhammedan rule. Here  is a genocide happening while the world looks on. And the ‘special rapporteurs’ from the  OIC dominated UN piss and moan about “Islamophobia”.


The nonstop kidnapping and plundering of Egypt’s Christian Copts

The kidnapping and plundering of Egypt’s Christian Copts continues unabated. As recently revealed on CTV, in a village called Maghlaga, in the district of Malawi—where Muslim Brotherhood supporters earlier ransacked and plundered a museum housing Egyptian antiquities—a Muslim gang leader known as “Saddam” has been going to every one of the approximately 80 Coptic households in the village demanding jizya/extortion money from them.

One inhabitant of the village confirmed that Muslim Brotherhood members are behind Saddam, specifically informing him how much money each household can be squeezed of, so that most households are paying anywhere from 20,000-100,000 Egyptian pounds (from 3-15 thousand U.S. dollars).

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Yasser, the village resident reporting, said that Saddam told the Copts that “Everyone is going to pay and whoever doesn’t pay we’ll take his son, his wife—we’ll violate the people to the utmost extreme.”

During the live news show it was further revealed that in the region of Shubrat al-Khaima, another young Coptic child was kidnapped, with demands that his parents pay 250,000 EP (nearly 40,000 USD). After the father complied and met them alone with the money in a secret place, the kidnappers took the money, beat the father severely, and still kept his child.

Such hate for Egypt’s Christians is hardly unprecedented. Earlier another Muslim man kidnapped a 6-year-old Christian boy and, after the family paid the ransom, still killed the child and threw his body in his sewer.

Raymond Ibrahim is author of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians, a significant portion of which deals

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood supporters vandalize church with “Egypt is Islamic” graffiti

Note the yellow flag with the black hand on it — that is the Muslim Brotherhood Rabaa flag. The Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters in the U.S. try to cover up Brotherhood supporters’ involvement in church attacks and attacks on Christians, but this one is unmistakeable. Will Brotherhood flacks in the U.S. such as Mohamed Elibiary and Hamas-linked CAIR’s Hussam Ayloush have anything to say about this? Don’t hold your breath.

Video thanks to Mina Rizkalla.

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  1. the Christians broke the” treaty of omar” by speaking out against sharia( “we will resist jizziah to the point of mayrterdom” the last pope said)the protection of off!

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