“Tiny Minority of Extremists”

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Eighth grade student expelled and arrested after setting fire to Muslim relief teacher’s hijab

Isn’t that the same as burning bras in the sixties?  It sure isn’t as bad as burning churches with Christians in them in Islamistan.

Greece:  Golden Dawn Members Assassinated

Golden Dawn members killed outside party office

Members of Greece’s Golden Dawn party shot at close range from motorcycle carrying two men, in attack denounced as “terrorism”

Now wait a minute: I know a lot of men who would agree with him:

More  Muslims in the EDL?

They may just as well knock their own front teeth out:

Obama Appointed MuBro DHS Adviser  Mohamed Elibiary  Under Fire for  Calling America an “Islamic Country”

Muslim DHS Adviser Under Fire for Controversial Islam Tweet

“Please show me just ONE example of an Islamic country where non Muslims are treated with equality?”–Read More »


The Release of Palestinian Arab Terrorists Prisoners Will Not Bring Peace 

The sinister consequences of forced “peace process” concessions.

A message to all the bleeding hearts:

0-13To the lefties who come from rich neighborhoods in support of the African invaders, South Tel Aviv residents tell them to take the infiltrators to their homes if they want them so badly

In the last three years, angry residents of south Tel Aviv have repeatedly taken to the streets, marching through neighborhoods now populated by significant numbers of non-Jewish Africans, demanding that they all be expelled from the country. Residents of South Tel Aviv outraged that leftist Supreme Court wants to turn their neighborhood into multicultural Islamic slum  (BNI)


Pentagon manual: White, Christian heterosexual males have unfair advantages

The mental baggage of the affirmative action POTUS  infects everything:


A healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian man has unfair advantages in the U.S. military has unfair advantages over other soldiers, according to a training manual approved by the Pentagon.

“Simply put, a healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian male receives many unearned advantages of social privilege, whereas a black, homosexual, atheist female in poor health receives many unearned disadvantages of social privilege,” reads a statement in the manual created by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).  (Read more)