UK: Resisting Islamic Indoctrination Makes You ‘Racist’

Britain’s Orwellian nightmare is getting more horrendous every day:

British Students Threatened With “Racial Discrimination Note” If They Miss Islam Trip

Posted by Jim Hoft (GWP)

British students were threatened with a “racial discrimination note” if they decided to skip a field trip on Islam. The note would be a permanent stain on their school records.

Families were told to pay £5 per child for the Explore Islam trip. (Townhall reported: more below the fold)
danishdhimmis-take-field-trip-to-uk-mosqueFile photo: Danish dhimmies being carted to the mosques….

UK Muslim communities are home to “thousands of potential home-grown terrorists”, former UK Independence Party leader Lord Pearson has warned.

Such people “hate us with frightening religious fervour”, he said during a parliamentary debate on Islam. Sharia law was “running de facto in our land” and calls for violence were not simply coming from a “few extremists”. But faith minister Baroness Warsi said Lord Pearson was either “ignorant” or attempting to “distort” views of Islam.


Al BeBeeCeera couldn’t let this go without getting a dementi from Camoron’s curry princess.

Field trips are generally a fun break from the ordinary school routine. But for some British students, not going on a field trip could have put a dark stain on their permanent records.

In a letter sent to students at Littleton Green Community School, students and parents were warned that skipping a religious education field trip would result in a “racial discrimination note” on their permanent records.

Here’s a copy of the note that was sent home to parents:
british note racist
More brainwashing for the kids.

School officials backtracked on the field trip after council officers intervened.

6 thoughts on “UK: Resisting Islamic Indoctrination Makes You ‘Racist’”

  1. Horrendous and horrifying but how do we stop it…? No wonder so many poms are jumping ship..Muslim men are bullies and thugs. Here in NZ there are now lots of illegal middle easteners..How long before they rape someone?

  2. Would Muslim Student reciprocate the visit to a Christian Institution as part of a religious curriculum. If yes… no problem.
    If no… the offence to the principle of Reciprocity is confirmed once more but hidden in the accusation to the victim.
    How do you explain the induced contradiction? Simple! In the NWO arrangements Islam has gained an important position due to several influential factors. The benefit of migrate to the West and influence the demography of Christendom is part of this allowance.
    How otherwise can we explain that the most successful time for Islam in the West has been in the same last 2 decades when Christian Martyrdoms have reached over 100.000 per year?
    New Age and Naturalism have contributed to an Unequal “Equalitarism” and to the tolerance for the intolerant who claim intolerance in the tolerant.
    The Western Foundations are shaking for the push of naive – if not fake and idiotic – new Western Intelligentsia.

  3. PS: What ‘race’ is islam, again?

    Picture it reading like this:

    “We will give your child the opportunity to explore other creeds by visiting a Hell’s Angels clubhouse, a neo-nazi bunker, and a Mafiosi gambling den, as well as a mosque. Refusal to allow your child this opportunity to be corrupted will result in a Racial Discrimination note to be attached to your innocent child’s educational record forever, even though it was your, the parent’s, decision, and had nothing to do with your child (who, as a minor, is obviously held by all to be legally non-compus-mentis anyway). Thank you for your compliance; resistance is futile, you will be assimilated – or else!

    -Mrs. Small-minded, Head Teacher-


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