UN emissary whines that Burma doesn’t submit to Muselmanic supremacy

Seriously, these UN Mofo’s are beneath contempt. They ignore Islamic jihad around the world that kills hundreds of thousands annually, they ignore the worst regimes, like the hermit kingdom of North Korea, where they starve and beat hundreds of thousands of dissidents to death in concentration camps. But if anyone, G-d forbid,  ignores  the blowback, like  in Burma where the local Buddhists refuse to submit to Mohammedan mores, along comes an endless marching band of ‘yuman rites’ cretins pissing and moaning about how hard the poor muselmaniacs are doing it when they are clearly in a place where they are not wanted.


UN envoy stooge slams Myanmar’s anti-Muslim violence

Human rights clown says violence feeds wider anti-Muslim narrative that threatens country’s reform process (al Jizz)

(Note that all these “human rights” dildos are only concerned about Muslim rights, never about the rights of Christians or other minorities in Muslim countries, who are being genocided as we speak.)

“The situation in Rakhine State has fed a wider anti-Muslim narrative in Myanmar, which is posing one of the most serious threats to the reform process,” Tomas Ojea Quintana, UN special rapporteur on the situation in human rights in Myanmar, said on Thursday. “Rakhine State remains in a situation of profound crisis.”


More Muslim Victimhood:

Useful idiots join Muselmaniacs in Berlin to protest Buddhist blowback against Muslim invaders in Burma, waving al Qaeda jihad flags…..

From Blazing Cat Fur:
  • Why is North Korea’s oppression not a top and ongoing news item all day and every day in the Western media?

3 thoughts on “UN emissary whines that Burma doesn’t submit to Muselmanic supremacy”

  1. The UN ignores the worst regimes, like North Korea, and also Zimbabwe
    North Korea’s best friend.

    Unfortunately South Africa supports the Zimbabwe Government of the tyrant Robert Mugabe.

    Human rights clowns do not go to Zimbabwe.

  2. Coffee Filter Hat, Planet of the Apes beard, Capri pantaloons…the uniform of the soldier muselmaniacs who belong to the death cult of m0E the cRaZy.

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