This Martyr Never Wed – Because He Was Hastening To Meet The Virgins


No Black women or Asian women found or wanted in Muslim heaven


Al-Qaeda Tweets Pics of Dead Terrorists to Recruit New Jihadists

“He refrained from marriage because he was hastening to meet the virgins under the shadows and the trees. As he died, he will be honored with the company of the Prophet Muhammad’s companions and the love of the Prophet Muhammad.”


How the New York Times Pimps Hamas

Hamas are just “conservative”, like all conservatives: (Pamela Geller)

ShowImage.ashxThe New York Times is heralding the terror group Hamas. They have appointed a woman as their spokesperson, their front to the world. Anyone can see past this ruse — pimping a woman to do your savage messaging (Hamas was obviously moved by how eager Obama was to buy the Iranian “moderate” Rouhani ruse), but the real story is the New York Times headline.

France saves the day:

France Steps In, Halts Iran Nuclear Deal, Calls Obama a “Sucker”

The French delegation objected to the proposed U.S. deal.

“As I speak to you, I cannot say there is any certainty that we can conclude” the talks, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on French radio according to the Reuters news agency, noting that France could not accept a “sucker’s deal.”

Londonistan: Muslims fear ‘backlash’ over tasered Muselmaniac who wanted to kill  kuffars

Officers were called around midday yesterday when the knifeman, armed with four blades, attempted to smash his way into a neighbours’s property with an iron bar.  Hours earlier he had been heard reciting verses from the Koran and making threats ‘to kill Kuffars’. More attacking of islam by a hijacking misunderstander at Mail Online (thanks to Mullah)

Allah not satisfied without blood!

 *Slaughtering an animal for the pleasure of Allah. *This is a the “most desirable” act during those dates. …

Atlanta Mosque Calls for Mass Slaughter of Animals to Satisfy Allah


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  1. Slaughtering in these days sounds like I’m in a time travel machine, pray to the sun and dance around the fire. Oh and save me Allah from a contact with a razor, it’s made of satan. What when whole world become islamic? Start eating each other ? To be consistent that’s the next stage I suppose.

  2. Why are you using websites that are against Islam? Obviously they’re going to make it come off as evil and bad. When it’s far from it. You’re not making your point here. Do you even know what Qurbani is? There’s a whole story behind it. The meat of the Animal is used to feed the homeless and your neighbors, and some for your family. We slaughter them so it’s Halal, in the most purest, and calmest way. Don’t you eat pigs, and chicken & beef? oh wait, you guys don’t slaughter the animal, you rip their intestines and beat and torture the animals, give them shots to put them to sleep.
    Why don’t you watch this video:

  3. Sorry about that,

    You really are an idiot!!! Do you have anything intelligent to say at all??? Actually, no meat processing plant beats and tortures animals, or does the other obscenities you describe. Only muslims do this – which is presumably why, in typical muslims style, you accuse us of behaving like you!!!

  4. Sorry About That,

    Wow, honestly I am amazed from that video. I am speechless. I can’t believe that’s the kind of meat I was eating. Also, the Halal way was so pure & I can’t believe I was missing out on all this time. I think people who have Islamaphobia or anything like that, are blinded from what the Media has showed. YES, i can agree that Muslims out there have done some horrible things. But that’s not what Islam teaches. People get confused between them. Like there’s Christians who have done some horrible, terrifying, and heartless things but that doesn’t mean that’s what Christianity teaches. & the same with the Jews. My neighbors are Muslim, and i meet people often who are Muslim. Their all so welcoming and sweet. I mean I’ve never hated them. But their beliefs never interested me. However, after watching the video, it has gotten me really thinking. It has opened doors for me. I would really like to know more about Islam & it’s teachings and beliefs. I am 100% positive it is not what the Media or this blog makes it seem like. I know there is a much deeper meaning to this religion, a way of life. Even though I might not know that meaning yet. Since you have opened the doors for me, i would also like you to lead me the way. If you can, please email me at Thank you so much.

    1. Sara Dowling, “It be like that sometimes”, “Rachel” aka “Sorry”, first and last warning:

      One moniker per poster!

      Nobody is fooled by your BS. If you don’t play by the rules you’ll be ejected faster than you can post another comment.

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