Russia: Ally or Foe?

Vladimir Putin signs law that will hold families of terrorists financially responsible for payment to the victims

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a bill that forces relatives of terrorists to pay for damages caused by their attacks. It also boosts penalties for launching, participating, or financing militant or terrorist groups.

Under the law, all damages – including moral damage – should be compensated “at the expense of the means of the person committing the terrorist act and also at the expense of the means of his [or her] family, relatives and close people.”

Love it. Absolutely love it. Shoot them and charge them for the bullets. When you take into account that muselmaniacs always apply collective guilt, this is the way to deal with them. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Are we ready to do what needs to be done?

Muselmanic Prayer Demo in Moscow at Eid al-Fitr
Cadavers of killed Islamic terrorists will  continue to be dumped in undisclosed locations 

A high-placed Kremlin source has strongly denied the possibility of changing the Russian law according to which killed terrorists’ bodies are never handed over to relatives, but buried in undisclosed locations. There can be no discussions over the subject” the ITAR-TASS quoted the source as saying.

Russia joins US, Canada in ‘anti-terror’ aerial exercise

Will the Third Rome Fall to Islam? 

Fjordman writes in Brussels Journal:

Some of the Russian skepticism towards the West is understandable. As long as Western nations pander to Muslims, why shouldn’t the Russians do so, too? The reaction of European Union officials to the grotesque Islamic Beslan massacre of Russian school children, almost blaming it on the Russian security forces instead of the Islamic terrorists, rightly upset many Russians.

As [former] Jihad Watch Board Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald notes, the American bombing of the Orthodox Serbs to aid Muslim Albanians was seen as an attack on a historic ally of Russia. He thinks the West should be proving to the Russian public that we are on the side of the Serbs, not the Muslims. We should ask them to do the same with Iran: “Russians want a task equal to their putative power, and what they see as their rightful place in the world. Helping the Old World come to its senses about Islam is such a worthy task. They might just consider it.”

Perhaps the Russians should study more closely what happened to the Byzantines. In his book The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades), Robert Spencer discusses the sad case of the Byzantine Emperor John VI Cantacuzenes, who invited the Ottoman Turks into Europe to help him win a dynastic dispute. His invited guests overthrew his Empire about 100 years later, and have stayed in Europe to this day.

Islam was controlled in the Soviet Union but has had a renaissance since its downfall in 1991, helped by oil money from the Middle East. This re-Islamization of Central Asia should worry the Russians. They are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a border security project, partly to avoid being demographically overwhelmed by Muslims. But Russia, too, has a large and growing Muslim population, and a non-Muslim population in marked decline. It is not impossible, if current trends continue, that Russia could either disintegrate completely or be majority Muslim within this century. Russia’s non-Muslim population is declining, but numbers are rising in Muslim regions. Will the country called Russia still exist in the future? And if so, will it be the Russia of Pushkin or of Abdullah?

It is understandable that the Russians have Great Power ambitions of their own. However, one would hope that they will wake up, remember their history and realize that there are worse threats out there than American power.

Some of them do. Elena Chudinova, the author of the dystopian novel The Mosque of Notre Dame de Paris, says that if the Muslims were to succeed in establishing their own rule in Moscow, then Russian culture, Russians as a people and Russia itself would cease to exist. And because that danger is not unthinkable, she is calling for a struggle against the Islamic threat to the Christian world.

After Constantinople, the Second Rome and the last remaining vestige of the Roman Empire, in the 15th century was overrun by Muslims, Moscow became the Third Rome. Will the Third Rome fall to Muslims in the 21st century, just as the Second Rome did in the 15th? Or will the Russian people rise to the occasion and defeat the threat, as they have done in the past?

7 thoughts on “Russia: Ally or Foe?”

  1. Russia is not our friend. Never was and never has been.

    Maybe, when every last former KGB agent dies out.

  2. Don’t call MY people terrorists and MY Muslim brothers and sisters terrorists when YOU kill hundreds of Muslims EVERY SINGLE DAY. A school in Pakistan was bombed by American soldiers, 27 Iraqis were killed at a cafe by American soldier but did any of that show up on international TV? Why should the deaths of Americans, or any other Non-Muslim mean SO much more than the MILLIONS of deaths of Muslims caused my non-Muslims. U.S gives 8.5 MILLION DOLLARS to Israel EVERY SINGLE DAY so they can MURDER innocent Palestinian civilians. Americans have killed 85 MILLION PEOPLE in the last 75 years due to war. Don’t go into our countries and kill OUR families and then call us terrorists when we retaliate. Since when did self-defense make you a terrorist? So now tell me who the real terrorists are? YOU are the real terrorists, not us.

  3. Agree kaw. I am not disputing the Russians methods of dealing with Muslim Terrorists, just whether they are our friends-and they are not.

  4. Sorry about that.

    You are right of course. The West, with America in the lead, is capable of dealing out destruction on an industrial scale. Under these circumstances, don’t you think it inadvisable to have attacked America at the heart of its financial centre?

    The West likes to talk, arbitrate, or come to some sort of agreement. But Islam believes that agreements are only to fool the Infidel. So America lost its patience on 9/11. Moreover, Islam has lived by war since its very inception. Its essential doctrines are based on violence and killing the Kuffar. So though I’m sympathetic to your words, I find it hypocritical when Muslims complain of violence perpetrated by the West. Islam wants war, and its got it. In fact it has lost the military war, as there is no Islamic nation that can prevent America from flying its drones where it pleases.

    Historically, the West has never been satisfied with a military victory. So there is more to come.

    As I said, I have sympathy for Muslims who are non-violent. This war was not their making, but thats the way with wars – the innocent suffer far more then the guilty.

  5. sorry about that,

    you are so incredibly stupid to pretend that the actions of you viscous scum do not mark you are terrorists. Amusingly more muslims are killed by other muslims than by anyone else, but why let the sordid truth ruin your delusional images of grandeur. You muslims were nothing in the beginning – all that you claim you have stolen, and you are even less now than you were in your imagined days of glory where you butchered and killed for your false profit with no hint of conscience. Very politely .. it is a shame that you cannot recognise how much our laws protect all, including morons like you – but do not for one moment imagine that you cannot be found and dealt with if you want to become another violent muslim. You want to blame someone for your misery – THEN BLAME YOURSELVES BECAUSE ISLAM IS SOLELY TO BLAME FOR WHAT ISLAM HAS MADE YOU – AN UNTHINKING, MINDLESS DRONE CAPABLE ONLY OF VIOLENCE AND REGURGITATING PSEUDO RELIGOUS DOGMA.


    I agree with you – muslims are hypocrites. As for muslims who are non-violent – they were, I believe, tasked with the responsibiliy of modifiying their “religion” so that it could exist peacefully with others, but they seem to have deliberately failed. However, there is still time for them to grow up. I am not hopeful of a good outcome.

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