We have no allies among the Muslims of Pakistan (or Afghanistan…)


UK soldier posed for smiling photo with Afghan policeman who murdered him moments later:

RAFAghan-thumb-500xauto-3464This photo epitomizes the tragic wrongheadedness of our misadventure in Afghanistan. But the lesson, as ever, will not be learned.

“Pictured with the man who shot him dead moments later: RAF policeman grins alongside rogue Afghan policeman who opened fire on him and comrade,” by Anna Edwards for the Daily Mail, November 5 (thanks to JW)

Pakistan’s Taliban have named Mullah Fazlullah as their new leader, after the death of Hakimullah Mehsud in a drone attack.

df_alwide_ballarat-20131108035050247247-620x349New Paki  Taliban leader Mullah Fazlullah is already on America’s ‘kill list’

Mullah Fazlullah is a particularly hardline commander whose men shot the schoolgirl activist Malala Yousafzai.

 What a relief! At least he is no ‘far-right-extremist-racist-bigot-islamophobe!’

The BBC’s Haroon Rashid says the Pakistani Taliban “wanted to send out a message to the world”

Hugh Fitzgerald:

Among The Taliban, Amurath An Amurath Succeeds

These are primitive, aggressive, violent peoples, made more primitive, aggressive, and violent, not only by the texts and teachings, but by what one may call the atmospherics of Islam. For Islam is instinct with violence and hatred, a hatred directed at the Kuffar, the Infidels, but enemies can, if deemed to be insufficiently eager to apply in full the Sharia,or to follow, in full, the example of Muhammad, or unwilling to participate directly in the Jihad against non-Musliims, be considered, be labelled, be treated as Infidels themselves.

The Pakistan Taliban consists of primitive, aggressive, violent people. But those in the Pakistani government or military who are described in the West as our putative allies in opposing the Pakistani Taliban,do so most reluctantly,  intermittently, and selectively,. And in Pakistan there are many tens of millions who are close in their views to the Taliban, and  belong to such groups as Lashkar-e-Toiba or a dozen others; from the viewpoint of the world’s non-Muslims they are scarcely less threatening, and are likely to be more dangerous because more plausible to Westerners eager to believe that those Muslims who are not members of Al-Qaeda or the Taliban are somehow not threats, are on our side, are deserving of our money, and our support.

That isn’t true. Those who have prepared themselves, through study and observation, know this. Others, as they are forced to go through the same painful self-education about Islam and Muslim behavior, will come — reluctantly in many cases — to agree.

Here is the new leader, Mullah Fazlullah. Mullah Fazlullah is best-known in the West for a recent deed of derring-do: ordering the murder of a young girl, for wanting girls to go to school and other outrageous demands; the girl survived thanks to Western medicine.

And it is to be hoped that thanks to another kind of Western medicine, which  having long ago passed Phase 3 of the trials, needs to be made much more widely available, Mullah Fazlullah will not survive.

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