We need to forge links to other cultures….

How British and American aid subsidises Pal-Arab terrorism


‘Pro-Syrian’ Lebanese Sunni cleric shot dead in Tripoli

“Sectarian clashes”- Saad al-Din Ghiyyeh, an official in the Islamic Action Front, was shot in his car by masked gunmen on a motorcycle. More here.

Two Pal’s meet virgins in Syria

Pro-Morsi propagandist meets virgins in Port Said

Mahmoud Mossaad, a supporter of former president, Mohammad Morsi, was killed in the early hours of Tuesday while he was trying to escape from detention.– More here.

it took 72 virgins...

Tunisian police smoke Islamic zombie after clashes close to Libya

Tunisia’s government has increased security operations after a suicide bomber blew himself up in the tourist resort of Sousse last month, the first such assault in more than a decade. – More from TT, here.

From the Religion of Peace:

Lets fumigate the UN!

Londonistan, where the ‘grooming’ never stops: