Who will rid us of these dangerous infil-traitors?

They came to conquer:

Fortunately  KRudd’s unhinged mob lost the last election and therefore I don’t need to seek refuge in another country:

Recent arrivals who fled from their respective foreign tyrants to Australia  gathered in western Sydney to denounce their hosts.

They sat in their burkas and beards and exhorted each other to defy our government, its agencies, ASIO, police and AFP directions and demanded a world-wide caliphate and installation of sharia law.


Abbott, Abbott, Abbott

Fairfax is out of control:

Fairfax’s daily Abbott-hate: sniggering at him for what was done before his time

Fairfax’s loathing for Tony Abbott has led to a string of reports in which he is blamed for the failings of others. The latest example here. (These people are dumb.)

Why are we paying Indonesia 2 billion dollars a year?

Indon deputy speaker threatens Australia with “1000 hackers”

Stop ALL the financial help from Australia to Indonesia, and see how quickly the Indonesian Officials will fix this and other problems….  Indeed. Lets  stop the jiziya and let Indonesia hate us for free?

Indonesia phone taps:

Former Labor foreign minister Bob Carr last night called on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to apologise over the Indonesian phone hacking scandal.

Really, Bob?


Bob Carr and Labor should say sorry first

Stunning work from washed up Bob Carr:

Former Foreign Minister Bob Carr last night called on Mr Abbott to apologise – despite the phone taps being alleged to have occurred under the former Labor Government.

Carr is a turd. Always has been.

Oz Journaillie  want Abbott’s boat people policy  to fail.

They’re doing their best to make sure

Much of the media seems to be deliberately working against the national interest, and are blaming the damage on the man least responsible for it. Abbott hatred is hurting this country. (Bolt)

 Labor and the media want the boats to keep coming

Labor and its media allies really want the Abbott Government to fail.(Read full article here.)

The Greens demand we not spy on Indonesian leaders.

They are insane.

Philip Dorling, between the ritual sneers at Tony Abbott demanded of Fairfax writers, reminds us why we do:

Canberra just doesn’t trust Jakarta…

We find Indonesia’s political system opaque, riddled with corruption and prone to nationalist outbursts. We don’t regard Indonesia as true friends (certainly not in the way, for example, we view New Zealand or our other “Five Eyes” partners) and we don’t rule out the possibility that someday, perhaps in the distant future, they may be a threat…

Australia’s embassy in Jakarta was the location of the first overseas station of the Australian Secret Intelligence Servic, established in 1954, and ASIS has always made Indonesia its top priority…

In the 1970s the Defence Signals radio facility at Shoal Bay outside Darwin monitored Indonesian military communications and provided ample warning of Indonesia’s intentions to invade East Timor.

In 1999, leaks of top secret Defence Intelligence reports on Indonesia and East Timor showed Australian intelligence still had extensive access to Indonesian military and civilian communications. The burning of East Timor’s capital Dili by the Indonesian military and militias in September 1999 came as no surprise to Australian intelligence.

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